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Jeep Commander Water Stains

2ndjeep2ndjeep Posts: 4
edited August 2014 in Jeep
I just recently purchsed my Jeep and noticed any water that is spilled or dropped on the seats leaves an outlined stain of the spill. I spoke the the dearlership's service department who said Jeep came out with a material in 2007 that allowed liquids to be absorbed through the seats. However when that happens, something is pulled through from the material below the upholstery surface causing the stain. He indicated that he's heard of 100's of these types of cases with Jeep upholstery. He said he could take the upholstery off and steam clean them or I could try a light mixture of soapy water mixture (dawn was the suggestion) and scrub the stain myself. I contacted Jeep customer service who apologized but pretty much blew me off from there. If anyone else has had these issues please let me know if there are any tips or suggestions. I'd love to get these stains out or better yet, have Jeep replace them. It seems ridculous that water alone in a passenger vehicle was cause this issue.


  • I have a 2005 Liberty and have the same problem. If you search Jeep Liberty Interior and Upholstery you will see a very long thread on this issue. As of yet, I haven't found anything that will get the stains out. As you can see...I still search often that is how I found your post.
  • JLS99JLS99 Posts: 2

    For all those reading this, I'm sure it's regardless of Jeep model, here's whats happening:
    The base foam was manufactured with a chemical residue that works its way thru to the top layer of the fabric over time. You will not even notice this residue until you get the fabric wet. When this happens, and it dries, it leaves a "water stain". Chrysler Jeep has a TSB on this, (the exact number escapes me) that recommends if the vehicle is in for service and complains about the water stains, the dealer is to clean it using a mixture of dish soap and water.

    I know this because I went thru it, and was rudely originally told to clean it myself with this solution, until I obtained a copy of the TSB and kindly pointed out it was the dealers responsibility, since I complained. needless to say, they took care of it.

    Good Luck.
  • Thank you everyone for the reply's. I also recieved the same response from my dealership regarding the stains, clean them myself. I'm not familiar with a TSB. Do you know where I can access that information? I would love to present that to the dealership to have them do the work. After all, the vehicle is still under warranty and this type of stain is ridiculous.

    After your stains were removed, did you use Scotch Guard on the fabric or another stain deterrant?
  • JLS99JLS99 Posts: 2
    the TSB (technical service bulliton) is a document put out by a dealer, that only used to be available to the dealers technitions, but thanks to the web is available to all. This document is what a car mfgr puts out instead of a recall.

    The TSB you want can be found here (as well as others at the main link):

    When I first told my dealer about this TSB, he told ME to clean it. That's when I pointed out that it was a MFG defect, and that under the heading DIAGNOSIS, it states that if a customer experiences this, "perform the following procedure", which is direction to the dealer to do this, not the customer. Needless to say, they cleaned ALL the seats, not just the ones with the stains.

    I have not used any aftermarket deterrent, such as scotch guard, but I probably should.

    Good Luck.
  • Again, thank you for the information. I'll contact the dealership immediately.

    Besides Scotch Guard, I was notified by the dealership that they do offer treatment of the interior. It's called Simoniz, and it works like Scotch Guard, but its' professional grade and is guaranteed for a lifetime. Obviously it's for an extra cost, but that also could be an option for you. Simonizing is also available for the exterior of the car as well.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    its' professional grade

    But what does that mean? A "professional" at the dealer applies it? The yard guy in other words? A pro would probably use Zaino or similar. I think mop & glow stuff is just wax and Scotchgard. It's a huge profit center for the dealers and you better check the guarantee for "gotchas."

    Rip-off room revisited
  • 2006 Commander....I have the water stain issue. It became apparent shortly after I purchased the car. My daughter spilled a little water on the front seat. After she got out I noticed that the water had made a stain. The stains looked disgusting. I didn't realize that this was a problem in other Commanders. I tried to clean the stain with car upholstery cleaner. Made it 10 times worse. Brand new car and my seats were beyond repulsive. I put covering over the driver and passenger seats.
  • Anyone intersted in a Lawsuit? My 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee is doing the same thing and I just keep getting the runaround... The dealership cleaned it & scotch guarded it... Still keeps staining... I get pushed from person to person and no one can make decisions... We all need to get together with one voice and get this taken care of... Why should we suffer because they used faulty materials? Not right! I am contacting a lawyer, so let me know if you are interested ASAP! Maybe then they will listen...
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