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I have a lifted 98 Explorer with much larger tires. I also have a bored and stroked 5.0 which now displces 5.4ltrs. I have AFR 185s with customised Torque Monster Headers. All forged internals from Nitated crank to H beam rods to SRP pistons. Balanced 28 rear and 50 oz front. I have a ported FRS GT 40 upper and lower man with modified Accufab 75mm throttle body. 30lb Ford Racing injectors, Double roller cam gear w/custom ground cam.There is quite abit more, but I' getting away from my point. With the taller tires and same gear ratio my speedo is way off. Especially the faster I go. I bought at electronic box to adjust for that but i CAN'T FIND THE VSS. I have the dealer manual, I know vehicles inside and out, and I have many friends that are car savey. No one can tell me where the VSS is . Some say it's intigrated with thr ABS speedsensor on the rear end. That doesn't seem to work. Is there anyone that knows for sure. I would really appreciate the correct info. I've heard all the guessing. Again this is a 1998 Ford Explorer AWD W/5.0L engine and the 4R70W 4 Speed trans. It has a Ford 8.8 limited slip dif w? 373:1 gears rear, a Dana 35 Limited slip dif w/ 373:1 geasr in front.
Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.


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    i may be wrong but i think its in the trans. with my last trans the speedo was off (under) by 10 miles.when i put a ebuilt trans in the problem corrected itself
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