LeBaron stalling problem

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I have a 94 LeBaron with 96,xxx miles on it. I
have put significant $$ into it in the past 15
months, replacing the fuel pump, alternator,
cooling system, convertible top motor, etc, etc,

Now, the car is stalling for no apparent reason.
I've had it in to a trusted mechanic 2 times and a
dealer once and they can't find anything wrong with

The problem is intermittent. It's only actually
stalled once but behaves as if it's going to stall
- suddenly loses power, jerks, skips, misses. It's
similar to what would happen if the car was
running out of gas. (yes - unfortunately I know
that feeling!) I might drive 500 miles before it
happens then it might happen 3 times in two days.

There is no discernible pattern: dry or rainy,
cold or hot (engine and weather), full gas tank or
low, highway, side roads, fast, slow. I've even
limited my gas purchases to super unleaded and
reputable (?) stations - Amoco, Mobil, Shell.

Everyone tells me it sounds like the fuel pump but
the dealer and the other shop both attached
diagnostic monitoring equipment and couldn't find
anything wrong.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems with
this car or have any ideas on what could be causing

Unfortunately, buying a new car right now is just
not an option.

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.



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    I have the exact problem with a 92 lebaron conv. with 66,000 miles.
    I replaced the fuel pump, 02 sensor, computer,battery, and plugs. No help. I checked the service bulletins and found two possible causes. SB 180493 thet covers a throttle linkagr problem and SB 210294 that covers a trans. sensor problem. I will have these checked out the next time the stalling and missing re-appears, which may take one to thirty days.

    Keep in touch and good luck
  • whw1whw1 Member Posts: 3

    Check "www.allpar.com"
  • orangelebaronorangelebaron Member Posts: 435
    I've been having stalling probs too.
    Mine was a clogged Fuel filter (always try the cheapest thing first). Well that was after I had the o2 sensor replaced $100. Replaced filter myself $20.00.
    Ran excellent for a month. Started clogging again.
    Replaced it again $15.00. Fine for two days. Finally had gas tank boiled three weeks ago $150. Fine for two weeks.
    Now there an electric humming and was told that taking out the tank must have disrupted the pump and now that's going and the tank will have to be removed again. around $300.

    Did I mention.... it has a new engine, tranny, paint (copper orange), top motor, roof (from junkyard, and many more!!!!

    I might just get one and keep the LeBaron as a second car.
  • whw1whw1 Member Posts: 3
    I replaced the map sensor and all is well.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    Try replacing the distributor pickup assy (under cap),this is a very common problem with these cars.
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    Thanks for all your suggestions! I checked the site about a week after I posted the message and no one had responded so I just figured no one would. What a pleasant surprise to see all the responses! Well, the car finally died on me, in the freezing cold, 3 hour wait for a tow truck back to the dealer. They replaced the ignition distributor to the tune of $730. Told me this would fix the problem - stalled on the highway the next day. I'm going to call them now and read off all of your suggestions. If I ever get it fixed (before running it off a bridge!), I'll post the results.

    Thanks - the dish
  • orangelebaronorangelebaron Member Posts: 435
    I feel your pain Dish!
    Remember the Punk group the Plasmatics?
    Wendy O Williams (killed herself....must have owned a Chrysler)
    blew up a Cadillac at a show on a pier in Manhattan years ago.

    Should we have a double LeBaron explosion???
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    The Lebaron V6 uses a throttle body that has a sensor connected between the air filter and engine. The sensor in that area gets sort of carboned up after a while - 60,000 to 99,000 miles of use. It gets a black sooty buildup that needs to be removed. The cost shouldn't be more than $120.00 if it is, your getting ripped. I suggest against the dealer as your source since no other adjustments are required. DO NOT DO this repair yourself. It needs to be disassembled in a clean area and a few parts will go flyin' if you don'r take the disassembly slowly.

    After this repair the problem seems to come back about every 40,000 miles. My '95 was done at 72,000, 115,000 and again at 168,000. Have nearly 200,000 on my blue baby and have loved every inch of driving her.
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