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Manual transmission options

abarry90abarry90 Posts: 9
edited April 2014 in Mazda
Is there really no way to get a grand touring package with a manual transmission? Why is it that we manual drivers always get shorted on luxury options? I definitely want a manual trans but would love the leather package, spoiler, gps, wiper sensors, etc. that come with the touring package. :(

Also, how do these handle in the snow? We would be trading in an AWD Forester which we initially bought specifically for its winter driving stability.


  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    No, you can't get a manual GT. Bummer huh?
  • Do you have a manual? In looking at the pics, the shifter seems up kind of high compared to more standard placement? Is it awkward at all?

    I so wish there was a Mazda dealership in Central Oregon! I soooo want to test drive one of these!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I don't currently have a Mazda5, but I did have a manual and while the shifter location looks odd, it has a natural feel. Take a road trip up to see Ron Tonkin; you'll love the way the car drives. If it could have pulled my boat, I'd still be driving one.
  • Yeah - I really do NOT understand why I can't have leather seats if I get a manual. I mean really, why can't leather seats be added? I can kind of understand the GPS stuff possibly conflicting with the stick location, but how about the wipers and lights? Why can't I have the premium options if I am willing to pay for them?

    And what are the side sill extensions? Anyone have pictures?
  • Buy it in Canada. The Canadian GT can have all the options you want (including Manual+Leather). It comes at a price though :)

    I've driven MT all my life and the shifter is so far in one of the most comfortable places I've experienced for a people mover like this. It does not interfere with any fan control, computer, etc.)

    See pic, the side sills are the "skirts" to the sides in between the wheels, under the doors.

    Oh, and one thing, both my cars are manual (own an 06 and an 08). For the 08 the 5MT was supposed to only come in the Sport model with no side sills/spoiler options BUT a) I've found 08 Tourings with 5MT in other cars web sites and b) my 08 is Sport, yet I found it with side sills, 6CD player and the spoiler (Popular Package, contrary to MazdaUSA specs). So in other words, there should be something around, try i.e. Now, there is no Grand Touring in Manual in the US, that is a fact. Touring is possible...

  • hoop1ahoop1a Posts: 6
    Mazda clearly has this wrong. People don't take manual transmissions because they are too cheap to buy automatics any more; they buy them because they are active drivers and want the feel and control of having one.

    With that in mind, if they are only going to offer one package with the manual, it should be the GT, or a performance package.

    Another car we've looked at is the RAV4. You can't get a manual at all, but they have a sport package that is lower and handles ok or a limited that has things like power seats and dual climate control, but handles like a 1970's Oldsmobile.
  • OK, I don't get your rational there hoop1a? How is it that Mazda has it wrong if they offer a manual trans on at least one trim level of the MZ5. Which happens to be a very capable and sporty handling wagon, so why would you need a sport package? If your referring to the side sills, you can get those from the dealer, rear spoiler? dealer as well. Intake system? K&N makes one, Exhaust? Shane Racing makes one. Lowering performance springs? H&R makes them.

    Toyota RAV-4? You just mentioned they don't offer a manual trans. so who really has things wrong?
  • hoop1ahoop1a Posts: 6
    My rationale is that people who want a manual transmission these days want it because they are driving enthusiasts, not because they are too cheap to buy automatics.

    With that in mind, if you are only going to offer it on one model, it should probably be a higher spec one (the GT).

    I just mentioned the RAV4 because it was a similar situation of not being able to get performance and amenities together. The lack of a manual transmission is my biggest problem with the RAV4.
  • AHH! Got ya! Sorry...
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 180
    I have had a 5M MZ5 Touring since March 2006, 38,000 miles. Yes the shifter looks like it's in a funny high place, but the whole car is pretty tall, and the seat height is almost as high as a crossover SUV. I've always driven Japanese/German compact stick shift cars (Accord, Integra, Jetta, Scirocco) and the MZ5's gearshift feels totally in the right place to me and my wife. (we are both on the big side, 5'8" & 6'2")

    On the other hand, the linkage shift precision feel is not quite up to Honda standards. It works fine but a little more vague and mushy feeling than my Integra.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 180
    perhaps we can take heart from the recent Consumer Reports brief article on Manual Transmission performance and economy advantages - I think it was the Nov 08 issue. CR has tended to ignore this subject over the past 5 years but I think it deserves more publicity. They found, and my experience meshes, that EPA mileage estimates do not seem to show the real world MPG benefits that stick shifts really do give us. I am a spreadsheet-geek so I have kept track of my mileage, every tank. Our '06 MZ5 Touring 5M has burned 1608.8 gallons over 38,000 miles. That's 23.4 mpg overall for what has mostly been city driving. We live in Seattle proper, not the suburbs. We've only taken it outside King County a few times, the Redwoods being the farthest. Then there is the acceleration benefit. CR listed a half-dozen models like Accord and Civic, and the 0-60 times were all 1-2 seconds better for the manual versions of the same cars.

    Now, what might be nice would be a Mazda 5 Grand Touring with the 6 speed manual and 2.0L engine. This is a configuration already sold in Europe I think, and I bet it could be set up to give quite a bit better MPG and be almost as fast. I bet we have barely begun to see what all the car company marketing departments can do to get back in the High Mileage mood they emphasized in the 70s and 80s.
  • ...or how about a Mazda5 Grand Touring 6-MT with the CX-7's 2.3L Turbo and AWD. Now that would make it the ultimate MZ5 in my books.
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