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Water in my Lincoln Navigator

i found this morning a lot of water inside my nav on the front passenger site up front


  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Check the drains from the moonroof. They're probably clogged.
  • tank you for your advice im going to see right now tank you again
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    I think they run from the front of the moonroof down the A-pillar. Look under the vehicle for the drain tube behind the front wheel.
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    see electrical, alot of the same problems with water
  • i have the same problem with mine and don't know what to do
  • it is the drain from the sunroof i clean it and i don't have water anymore
  • Where do you find the Drain?
  • sttrsttr Posts: 13
    Okay guys listen up cause I went to some kind of trouble multi times here trying to sign on to share this. If you own a Lincoln Navigator or Aviator with the factory sunroof. It is possible the drain can clog. I have seen this. It is unlikely that this is your issue with this model, particularly if you own the 2003 to 2006 Nav with sunroof so you guys listen up. The auto open is only for open on this roof. To close it you hold the button yourself. It goes in and if you hold it too long which most everyone does because even the dealer closes them wrong then what happens it is lifts up and goes to the vent mode where the back lifts up! This opens a small leak! That is your issue you did not close the lid properly. This model requires a baby sit on the sun roof. IF someone borrows it, if you take it to the mechanic, anyone in the passenger seat that uses it may close it and leave it open either not closing it all the way to the front and back or leaving the back down or up too far. Play with this yourself using the running board and you will see how easy it is to confuse. I have reached the conclusion that this is a deal where Lincoln should have an auto close to right it correctly each time every time! Hopefully it was corrected later.
  • sttrsttr Posts: 13
    I mean of course stand on the running board to view the roof. Many of the 06 owners I know do not realize this is even an issue cause they are garage kept! You see the roofs up on them closed wrong too because you will know what to look for once you play with your own sunroof in your Lincoln.
  • sttrsttr Posts: 13

    Where do you find the Drain?

    You have four drains in your pan of the Lincoln Nav. sunroof. The Gator roof has approx. 3/16th " size holes in each corner front and rear. These each drain under the car and some have reported access by coming in from underneath. However, if you cannot see the drains due to debris in the pan, debris like leaves, rolled up bar code wrappers and other gum products peeled off while traveling with the sunroof open and so on must all be caught and cleaned out before water gets in there. If you are traveling in dusty red rock areas or dusty dirt roads do not open the sunroof! Remember that dust turns to mud with a little water and mud clogs drains, particularly when only 3/16" in diameter! Stiff weed eater cord is recommended for cleaning by most pros I know. FYI the type with corrugated outer edges helps a lot. At times a wire must be used to form a small hook to scoop and pull things out tho as you do not want to push in.
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