Toyota 4Runner windows etched

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on my 2001 4Runner Sport Ed. back windows i've got 2 different 'fairy' engraved. they can only be seen if the windows are fogged up. also on the windows it's the toyota stamp, so it's the original window. there are no marks left from a previous kids sticker let's say, because i can feel the 'carving' into the window with my finger tip.
has anyone seen this before? do you know what it means? what kind of model is this?
thank you.


  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I am guessing that the former owner had the design etched onto the glass.

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    yeah, but how can it be? the car was made in Japan, the car sold in Colorado? and first off all, why???
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    I borrowed a friend's Explorer years ago and it had a unicorn etched on the back glass. Unfortunately it was visible all the time.

    It's not hard to get glass etched (you can buy kits and do it yourself). But why? To be different I suppose.
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