Poor rear brakes/braking.

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2000 MY E350 Super Duty V10 28' Four winds MH w/4ABS (3 channel)

Last winter I had to install rear tire chains coming back from a ski trip. It didn't take long to discover/realize that something wasn't quite right and it turned out that the rear brakes wouldn't even come close to "lock". Even with the front ABS continual activation getting down off the pass was quite a bit dicey.

A few days ago I raised the rear wheels on jackstands and found that I had only minimum braking of the rear wheels, the engine could too easily overcome the rear braking. Assuming the problem to be in the ABS rear isolation or even, while less likely, the rear ABS dump valve I disabled the ABS.

Now the engine must be raised to a higher RPM but can still overcome the rear braking, even HARD braking. On the other hand if I firmly set the e-brake the engine cannot move the rear wheels, at least not to a level above my comfort point in raising the engine RPM/torque.

Any ideas..??


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    My gauges are erratic...is there a resistor that affects this?
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