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Grand Cherokee Mirror

jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
edited July 2014 in Jeep
The mirror on the drivers door has smoked up to the point you can't see out of it. Any idea why this happened and how can I remove it to replace it with a new one. Any idea on the cost? It started out as a small line across the top and has since covered the entire mirror. This is a heated mirror as well as a dimmer mirror. Thanks for any help. Also has there been a TSB on this problem?


  • The reason for your mirror smoking up is because the gel that is located behind the mirror that automatically tints your mirror is bleeding through... a factory mirror with auto tint and heated will cost anywhere from 300- 500 dollars. With that said I suggest checking local junkyards for replacement mirrors. If you can not seem to find a junkyard mirror google certi-fit .... they sell a brand new mirror for about 30 dollars... it is heated however it will not have auto tint and you may notice the mirror glass vibrates a little especially when your on the highway due to the poorer quality of the mirror... but if your like me saving 400 dollars on a mirror that I just look out of is a small price to pay than for a factory mirror that costs hundreds of dollars.
    There will be no TSB on this since it is a problem that occurs with age and sometimes bad luck... there are many variables that can cause the mirror to bleed and cause that. Hope I have helped you, let me know if you need to know anything else..
  • Thanks for the reply. We are a 2 Jeep family. My 96 GC. has been great. Still going strong. We bought the 04 new and so far it is on a second set of front rotors. They just seem to keep going bad. Brakes are good but the rotors seem to lose shape after a few thousand miles. We have 36000 miles now and two set of rotors. The dealer says no TSB so we eat it. Still love the jeep so what do you do? Thanks again for the help and have a blessed day. :)
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    replace rotors with after marcket (pep boys checker napa etc ) should take care of prob
  • Hello again... replacing the rotors with after market rotors will not fix this problem... I have done numerous test after test... no slotted or drilled rotor will fix the problem. I have used 120 dollar rotors... thats just for one... nothing changed.. the brakes still pulsate after about 10 to 15 thousand miles.

    I have however found a couple avenues for you to mention... for some reason Jeep Grand Cherokee's are very particular when it comes to tightening the lug nuts... each lug nut has to be torqued to the specific torque specifications. Over tightening the lug nuts will cause the rotor to warp.... with the Jeep being that new I would definately mention that the next time you have your tires rotated. All dealerships and quick oil changes should have a thing call a torx stix... it only tightens to a certain tightness when snugging down the lug nuts with a 1/2 inch impact... I have tested numerous places around the Cleveland area and everyone over tightens the lugnuts as much as 75 - 80 lbs... that crazy... Hope this helps you in the future with this brake issue... if it continues please let me know.
  • Tonight I came out to my car to find my driver side mirror (just the reflective piece) knocked out of the holder ( I guess that's what you call it) and laying on the floor. It doesn't look broken to me, but does anyone know if these can easily snap back into place? I couldn't try tonight because it was dark.
  • Again I Thank You for your help on this. I will check the torque. I pull the wheels myself to check the brakes, but never considered the lug torque when replacing the tire. Make alot of sense to me. Thanks. :)
  • That should snap right back in... push firmly until you hear it click in... than adjust the mirror up... down... left.... and right... that will "suck" the mirror in the rest of the way... do not try to force the mirror glass back in all the way you have to use the adjuster to make it seat correctly... the mirror glass should only go in so far once you give it the initial snap.... the rest will be accomplished by adjusting it... hope it works for you !!!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    I have pep boys rotors on my 2000 grand and have 75000 miles and one set of pads and donot have brake pulsation at all no mater what speed i put on the brakes i use ceramic brake pads though could make difrance
  • :confuse: Will this also work for the 04 model? I need to replace the driver side mirror and was not sure how to remove the mirror. It is a heated and dimmer mirror. Does it just pop out and snap in the new one?
  • It will just pop out... it may require you to use a small pocket screw driver to assist in removing it. The mirror glass will snap out eventually, it will seem like your going to break the mirror but it will come out with no problems... like I said it is hard to find just a mirror glass, I would direct you to certi-fit to replace the whole mirror assemble... it will be heated but it will not auto-dim, its up to you but that mirror glass will come out, but be prepared to expect a fairly decent price just for that mirror glass. A new mirror from certi-fit cost about 30 dollars and that is the enire mirror assembly
  • Thanks again. Certi fit it is.
  • Anytime... I always enjoy saving people money.. especially in times like these.. anything I can help with please let me know.
  • jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
    Update on the mirror, I ordered a kool view replacment mirror. Cost was 48.95 with shipping. The mirror looks just like the factory one which is how they discribed it to look. Bolt pattern was like the factory one as well, just as they stated. Problem I ran into was the harness was about 4 inches too short. I just took the old harness and cut the wires off it to make up the difference. The mirror does have a slight vibration to it, but that I can live with. The dealer wanted 440.00 just for the factory mirror. It also doesn't have the memory option but does have remote and defrost mode. All said, it took about 1/2 an hour to replace. I didn't use certi fit only because they do not ship and the closest store to me is about 45 minutes away in New Jersey. Bridge toll at 4 dollars plus the price of gas was worth the 14 dollars to have it delivered to my home. E-bay was my option. Thanks again
  • gina55gina55 Posts: 1
    Both driver and passenger exterior mirrors will not stay stabilized. Very strange that this happened simultaneously and am wondering if the midnight auto supply may have absconded with something that kept them in place. The plate or access panel on the bottom of the mirror housing is gone. They are not heated. Is there a way to tighten them to avoid replacing the whole mirror?
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