2000 Windstar jerks/hesitates during deceleration

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During braking, while driving my 2000 Ford Windstar, as soon as the car decelerates down to precisely 10 mph, the car seems as though it's lurching forward, then continues to decelerate as normal until it comes to a stop. It doesn't matter if I begin the deceleration from 60 mph going down the highway, or rolling from 20 or 15 mph in town, at 10 mph the car seems to hesitate or jerk. This doesn't fill like the engine is stumbling or having a problem. It appears it may be downshifting from 2nd to 1st gear. We had the transmission rebuilt back in Nov of 2006, so I don't want to suspect it is the problem (fingers crossed).

I'm wondering if someone knows the following:
Are there some type of adjustments that can be made to a Windstar that smoothes out this 2nd to 1st gear transition?
Or, is there possibly a sensor that could be returning invalid data to the computer that controls the transmission, (the speed of the wheels, etc). I'm certain this is not a braking issue because when I'm coasting/rolling in stop and go traffic, the problem can happen while my foot is off the brake during deceleration through the 10 mph mark of the speedometer. But the best way I could explain the problem is it feels like some one has hit the brakes, then released them.

I just remembered that this same thing seems to also happen when traveling on the highway, and I need to suddenly brake, which quickly decelerates the care from 60+mph down to 45 or less. I notice the same type of "bump" during the decel,
and then the car continues on decelerating normally. Would the torque converter have anything to do with this?

I'm pretty sure I'll take it into my mechanic, but just wanted to obtain some input from others who may have experienced this problem before I talk to him.

Any input would be appreciated.



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    my car is doing the same thing except when the machanic drives it because it does it at random times. i do not know why have you discovered why yours is acting this way?
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    Well, mine stopped the day after I sent made my post. Here is what I think may have happened. I went ahead and had my car checked at a local shop but they didn't find any codes in the computer. I decided to have them change the filter and fluid anyway, and told them about a Technical Service Bulletin I had heard about for Windstars, that mentioned how the auto trans fluid needs to be at the highest possible level without overfilling. This prevents air from being sucked into the tranny the fluid shifts around within the pan while turning left or right, or possible stopping (braking??).
    Also, another thing that may have been a factor for my vehicle was the battery had been disconnected for sometime so I understand when this occurs, and you first start driving again, the computer has to relearn your driving habits and possibly that had something to do with the problem going away after about 1-2 days of driving.
    The other thing I've heard about is the torque converter somehow causing this problem. I know I got a new transmission 2 years ago (30k miles) but I'm not sure if the torque convert was replaced or not.
    Hope this give you some good ideas on things to do and possible check.
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    thanks valz i appreciate the help
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