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Infiniti EX35 Steering and Fuel Pump Problems

bette5bette5 Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in INFINITI
I have had my EX Infiniti for over a month and have been waiting for parts to repair a brand new car. Parts are on back order! Is anyone else having problems with steering or fuel pump? I have found someone else with fuel pump but dealer is telling me this a major problem and I'm not getting any where with when parts will be available that will repair for good. They say they have changed some out and are back in two weeks with same problem. Steering in major as they are planing on exchanging complete column! If you are having problems or have in any insight I would appreciate getting help. I have contact Corp office and are still getting run around!


  • Dude that sucks! I haven't had any driving problems so far, 6000 miles.
  • I think I've had the same problem. Does your car make a slight groaning noise when making a tight right hand slow turn? They replaced the steering column and the problem is still there. Infiniti has acknowledged that it is a problem and they are working on trying to come up with the fix. When I took my car in they said that it was one of the first that they had seen with the problem.
  • bette5bette5 Posts: 2
    Mine was just not telescoping in and out or up and down. They have fixed mine with a new column and I still had to take it back again because they didn't put it together correctly. I haven't been too happy with their service and hopefully you will get better service and answers then we did. We even went to consumer services and got not where. Go figure. Spend 40,000 for a auto and get service like you spent 40.00. Good luck is all I can tell you.
  • Well, here you go...
    I was still in my 2 days test-before-you-buy period when I had these problems occur.
    Telescoping Steering --> Replace column
    Noise on passenger's side when switched on --> replace Fuel Pump
    Sunroof leaked in carwash -- no fix yet!!

    I liked the intelligent key, LDW and camera pretty much thu.

    Since this is Infiniti's first EX model, it's bound to have problems. Wait until they smooth them out ... at our cost of course :mad:
  • at_lastat_last Posts: 2
    My EX 35 fuel pump and motor for tilt steering wheel have been replaced. Gas guage and miles to empty drop way too fast after quarte tank.
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