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Jeep Commander Tire Pressure Monitoring System

grneyegrl1grneyegrl1 Posts: 2
edited August 2014 in Jeep
Anyone have problem with their TPMS going off and reading a blank line for their tires? Ours has been in 6 or 7 times for this and everytime they think they fix it but it happens again and again.


  • cakaccakac Posts: 1
    Many problems with the TPMS going off. We have a Commander with the same issue plus various other electrical issues (Other warning lights that go off for no apparent reason). We are on our 6th attempt for a fix and are currently waiting for Jeep to approve and finalize a buy-back. The dealership called me the other day to tell me that their service mgr. would be taking it for the weekend to do extensive road tests on it to try to fix the problem. I told them that they could take it to Vegas as long as I didn't have to drive it again.
  • I too have a Commander 2006 and have had numerous "False alarms" with the TPMS. I use the Jeep in the mountains of Colorado and it seems whenever there is a sudden temperature change I get a false reading. I have oversize P-245/70/17 tires but the dealer said these were fine and would work with thr TPMS sensors. I now keep a guage in the glovebox but the tires always show 38# which is correct for them?
  • I am extremely concerned over the safety, reliability and quality of this vehicle based on the inability to correct this problem. The recurring nature and the dealership mentioning this is an issue others are having with their vehicles furthers my concern. Additionally when you combine this issue with the other electronic issues we have had it is apparent that the vehicle could have major safety and reliability issues.

    In summary we have had this vehicle into the shop over 20 days and 9 times in 16 months for these issues since we purchased this. Seven (7) of these times in the 1st 12 months.
  • Nothing last forever.. it would appear that the valve steams are the error here.. Perhaps the steams need to be replaced. If they have been replaced.. then they may not have been run through a quality check or have become damaged during the installation process.

    If the mech isn't aware of the sensitivity of these valve steams, then they can easy brake or become damaged. Never rely on what a computer tells you is wrong.. Get out and check the tire pressure.
  • My TMPS light stays on constantly. Car currently has 22K miles on it. I don't drive much. I bought the 2006 Commander brand new because I liked the style as soon as I saw it. First month the TPMS lit up. Dealer said I had a rock in the tire and they fixed it. Leaving the dealership and under a mile away. The light came back on. My son checked the tire pressure. It was fine. I ignored the light. Brought the car to the dealer for its next service I mentioned the tire light (and several other problems). They checked the tires. Did something. The TPMS light went out for about an hour then it was back on. I ignored it. Last year (2009) I went in for my yearly inspection sticker. The service department said that I needed two new tires and unless I bought them the service department wouldn't give me a sticker for the car. A trip to the dealer which should have been $29.95 for a inspection sticker ended up costing me $550.00 and some change. In addition, after paying for two new tires and driving away from the dealership, the TPMS light was back on. The dealership is a joke. I hate taking my car to them. Seems as though something new goes wrong after every visit to their service department.
  • vcastag1vcastag1 Posts: 1
    I have an '06 Commander. Had many issues with elctronics , TPMS, lights going on and off, systems shutting down etc. After 6 months and 9 visits to the dealer, and about 14 days out of service I was ready to drive it off a cliff. Then the problem was tracked down. BAD ignition was shorting. My Commander has been bulletproof since that was replaced. 92000miles +.
  • yep...same trouble except I have had mine in for at least ten times, have you gotten your's fixed yet? :mad:
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