GMC Yukon Oil Pressure

quickdraw03quickdraw03 Member Posts: 2
I have a 2005 Yukon Denali with about 78k miles. I've had my gauge cluster replaced. My oil pressure gauge drops to zero and then comes back up.

Specifically, I have to drive about 70 mph (I don't regularly do that) and let of the gas. After I've been driving for some time, the oil pressure will go down until I hit the gas again. It happened first about a year ago during the summer on a long trip. It happened again about two months ago at the beach. This past week it happened a lot.

Am I looking at a bad oil pump? Could it just be the sensor?



  • cudaguycudaguy Member Posts: 7
    Hey Don't know much about the yukon but.. you can check these things. Oil Level if its low it will drop do to lack of volume to make the pressure during deceleration. If the Oil filter is dirty or oil has not been recently changes. the filter could be blocked especially cheap filters. The oil pressure sending unit and wiring make sure the wire is attached tight and its not rubbing anything anywhere. Other than that it get alot more expensive and complicated
  • meskomsmeskoms Member Posts: 1
    Just wondering what you found out on this. I have a 2000 Denali w/ 125,000 and driving into work this AM i saw the check gauges light as it was turning off when I was getting on the highway. I noticed it again accelerating after getting off the highway. The second time I saw the oil pressure drop from a "normal" range down to 0 and immediately go back to a normal range. I'm due for an oil change but levels look OK. I guess I'll try and get it checked out tomorrow but thought I would ask how your situation turned out.
  • quickdraw03quickdraw03 Member Posts: 2
    It was a bad sensor. It cost about $200 to $300 to fix. Mostly testing and labor. If the oil pressure was really 0, the engine would have been toast.

    Best of luck.
  • dakotabluesdakotablues Member Posts: 2
    noticed oil pressure drop to zero, truck started knockinng real bad, then jumped back up but only to minimum level and keeps doing this. is pump going bad?
  • pbhoopbhoo Member Posts: 2
    Question for the group...bought a new 2012 Yukon XL and took it to the dealer for it's first oil change. Afterwards (noticed this about a month later - my wife drives this truck) that the oil pressure jumps from 20s to 60+ when I give the truck gas. Harder throttles result in larger jumps...needle moves very quickly then goes back to the 40 range. Is this normal or has anyone else had this issue? Every car/truck I've had in the past the oil pressure never moves, regardless of RPM.
  • ahightowerahightower Member Posts: 539

    I know it's been a while since this topic began, but I hope someone will pick it up again. I have the opposite problem. I have the oil pressure gauge reading all the way high (pegged at 80+ psi) since my last DIY oil change. I thought perhaps I had overfilled, so I drained it bit by bit and checked to see if the pressure would drop. It did not. Eventually the "check oil level" light came on and I measured the amount of oil I'd removed. It was almost 4 quarts. So I refilled it and let it sit overnight. Still no change. Do you suppose the pressure is actually that high? Could it be a bad gauge, switch, pump? Runs fine, otherwise. 2005 Yukon XL C1500. Thanks.

  • ahightowerahightower Member Posts: 539

    For the benefit of future readers, I replaced the oil pressure switch/sensor, and everything is fine again. Reads at 40-45 psi, as usual. It was a bear to reach and disconnect. But I managed, and I assure you I am not the most mechanically inclined among us. Youtube and google for instructions and diagrams. Once you know what you're looking for and have a good angle on it, it's pretty simple. The part was $52 (plus $8 for a deep socket I needed and did not already own), compared to $300 dealer service dept estimate.

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