2006 Hummer H3 with cracked casing x 2!!

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I have a 2006 H3 with Adventure package and have just clocked 96K on it. Loved it until I cracked the casing two weeks ago and had to replace the transmission with a refurbed GM unit. Of course my warranty was only for 50K, so I footed the bill for that one. HOWEVER, just got my truck back last week and guess what, the same thing happened again tonight!! Same noise, heard a rattling noise, a pop and then smoke starts pouring out behind you. Pulled over and tranny fluid is leaking all over the exhaust again and onto the ground. Has anybody else had this issue or heard of anything likes this?? Also when you are driving on the highway, does anybody notice that the passenger floor seems to get super hot?? Had that issue since day one? Any input hear would be huge... Thx


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    sounds like maybe you have a motor mount issue. it is possible that the drive train is twisting.
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    I just got off the phone with the dealer''s service department. It appears it was a worn transfer case that cracked both trannys!! They missed it the first time I guess. The good news is that Hummer and the dealer have stepped up and will cover the whole repair..... Small moral victory I guess, because if they had diagnosed correctly the first time, I would have been hit up for the transfer case as well.. Thanks for your input though. Pete
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    The good news is that Hummer and the dealer have stepped up and will cover the whole repair...

    I am totally impressed! :)

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    I purchased a 2007 H3 this past June. I've enjoyed the vehicle for the first month until one day it stranded my wife and kids. The motor would crank, but wouldn't catch. After waiting about 10 minutes it started. This happend to her twice more so we took it back to the dealership for diagnosis. They couldn't duplicate the symptom but did find a tech notice saying the valve train needed to be replaced due to sticky valves that would cause the motor not to catch. They did the work and all was great for a month and then it did it again. This embarassing quirk is very intermittent. It always eventually starts but you're never sure how long to wait. And to clarify we have not moved any of the power seats prior to or after the problem.
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    I was driving the H3 (2007) going about 55mph when the vehicle jerked, slowed down and started smoking. I pulled over and had the vehicle towed to a shop. The owner told me the differential fluid came out, which was evident by all the fluid on the side of the vehicle. The back end was locked up. I got an estimate of $2,600.00. My husband (my hero) had the vehicle towed to the Hummer dealership and was told that the warranty would cover the work. OMG(for you car guys, that's OH MY GOD!) Can't believe it. Anyone else having this kind of problem??
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    My wife was driving about 55mph also when the car seemed to lock up. It immediately slowed to 10 mph and when it slowed it created like a jerking feel to it. Then when she tried to take off she could only go about 10mph and the car would jerk. I took it to a mechanic and he checked all the fluids and the transfer case as well as any other mechanical problems that might cause this and he found nothing. The only thing he could find was a broken motor mount. Could this possible be the cause. Also when the car slows the ABS light comes on. I do not know if it is coming on because of the problem or it is the actual problem. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Why not take it to the people who should know how/what to fix, the Hummer dealer. I get a kick out of those who want their own mechanic to fix what for the most part knows nothing about and just guesses. My sister took my moms car to her great mechanic because the power seat no longer worked. Guy said she needed a new module at almost $600 plus install. Mom refused to pay that much as the seat was set for her and she was 85 years old and didn't care. Well while she was gone this past summer for a couple months I took it to the Caddy dealer who looked at it and said we have seen this problem many times with that year (97) and said a wire was rubbing on the track till it broke in half and blew the fuse. $42 later I was back on the road. So let the people who look at them all day everyday have a shot at it. It could be cheaper in the long run.
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    next time take it to your dentist :P
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    Our 08 H3 Alpha has totally destroied two front diffs and two transfer cases in less than 50,000 kms (30,000 miles) this is bad enough but when it takes over a month each time its depressing.
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    Ouch! Just curious - were you doing any serious off road driving?

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