How can hook up my IPOD on 04 Highlander?

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Basically as the question says, How can I go about playing my ipod on the stock radio. I have a wireless ipod receiver & a casette one, but it plays with static. Any way I can run a Auxiliary cable from the back without having to change the stock radio.



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    My daughter has used a wireless ipod device in our 04 Highlander and in our 03 Matrix. Also on a few rental cars. The device plugs into a cigarette lighter. You set a specific FM radio frequency on the device (one that's not in use by a radio station in the area) and then set the radio to receive that frequency. It works very well with no static. Is this what you have? If so, maybe the device is defective. I didn't buy this for my daughter before I talked to other people who had been using the same device. None of them reported static. Only complaint is using it on over-the-road trips when you come into range of a radio station on your chosen frequency. Then you have to reset the device to another frequency.
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    i've used numerous wireless adapters and my son has used the "official" Apple wireless adapter for his, but we keep coming back to the "wired" version that uses the cassette slot.

    It just flat works, with no static and no fuss as long as you have a cassette deck, which are becoming rare. And almost any brand will work just fine, I don't recall spending over $20 for any of them over the years.

    I had to use a wireless a few years ago on rental that had no cassette, and the only way I could get it to work was to mount the transmitter (it had 2 parts) right next to the antenna base inside the trunk of the car, then run a wire up to the front to plug in to the mp3 player. A hassle but it worked.
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