Single Tone Outbacks and Outback sports

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In the past week I saw an all blue Outback and an all black Outback Sport. Does Subaru now offer the Outbacks in a single tone?


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    Yep, they have for a few years now.

    Actually, since 2005, I believe most are monotone, though two-tones are still offered.

    This page will tell you everything you want to know and more about the colors and other specs:
  • I should have been more clear - I have seen single tone Legacy Outbacks on the road and on the Subaru site itself.

    But have never seen a single tone Outback Sport via Subaru's website or anywhere else.....until I saw the all black OBS in a parking lot this week.

    Anybody know specifically about the Sports?
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    Oh, OB Sport only, OK, gotcha.

    I've only seen two-tones. Let's see what cars101 says about those...

    Hmm, it's a little vague. Two-tone is still available, but I'm not sure if the monotone colors they refer to are for the OBS or 2.5i only.

    Anyone got an Impreza brochure handy?
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    As far as I know there aren't and haven't been any OBS mono-tones ever.

    I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure.

    How did you know it was an OBS? Could have been a re-badged 2.5i

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