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Infiniti I30/I35 Tires

latisuslatisus Posts: 2
edited August 2014 in INFINITI
Hi....I have an 2002 I35 with 59K miles....
need 4 tires...any ideas what to get...does not have to be top of the about 8K a year
Thank you so much


  • On my I30 I'm very happy with the Kumho Ecsta tires bought mail-order from Tire rack. About $65 each. Quiet, very nice ride. I'm not a aggressive car driver but never had a traction problem summer or winter.
  • vdavivdavi Posts: 5
    I'm looking to replace the tires on my two vehicles, I'm considering the Falken Ziex 912. Anyone have experience with these tires? recommend or not?
  • myi35ridemyi35ride Posts: 3
    I had Bridgestone Turanzas on my Nissan Altima 3.5 because thats what they come with from the manufacturer and I hated them. (several sets as well as comparable brands) I did some research online and found Falken and replaced all 4, they are the best tires I ever bought, no road noise,they grip the road wet and dry, nice ride and far less expensive then the so called best out there. I will be replacing the Toyos that came on my i35 that I just purchased.
  • The OEM Toyo tires on my 2000 i30 lasted a long time, but they were noisy tires as they aged. I put two Falken Ziex 912's on the front first when two of the Toyo Proxes A05's wore out and was surprised how quiet they were in comparison. They are great tires - good stability at high speed and the handling is wonderful on back roads. They seem to wear a little faster than the Toyo tires, but the pricing is almost half of what the Toyo tires cost. I recommend them based upon my experience so far (~15K miles and hope to get 35 - 40K miles out of them). I hope this helps!
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