Water in Rear Tail-light

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We just purchased our SF five days ago, and have noticed that our passenger rear tail-light has condensation in it. Our SF has not yet been in rain, although it was foggy one morning. We can't figure out how any condensation would have gotten in there. Has this happened to anybody else? Should we bring it by the dealer to have it checked out? Any advice is appreciated



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    There should not be any condensation in the tail light. It is either a worn/broken seal or a cracked light unit, or, as was the case I once had in my headlights of my previous vehicle, a rubber sealing cap was not replaced after a defunct bulb was changed, allowing condensation to occur inside the unit.
    Have it checked and/or replaced on warranty.
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    My 07 Santa Fe does the same thing, I've taken it out and emptied it once, it's almost 1/2 full again. I called the dealer, they said the next time I come in for service, they will ck it, and if its a bad seal, (duh) it will be replace. That outside pass side taillight in the Great State of Minnesota costs $355.00.
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    On E-bay.. about $90.. actually I have both left and right. I upgrade my tail lights.
    The old ones still sitting in the shed.
    The water will rust out the tail lights. A very bad hazard. Something is broken. I had that happen to a Saturn Vue. Found a crack and used silicon to fix it. That worked.
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    I just purchased a new 2009 Santa Fe about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I took it to the dealership because my tags had come in and they promised me a wash because it was raining the day I bought it. Today I noticed that there was condensation/drops of water running down inside the tail light. I called the dealership and he said some condensation is normal and maybe the guy washing it had sprayed directly on the lens and got some water in there, he would have to see it to see how much was in there. Should I be worried about this? This is my first brand new car, I dont think it should have any moisture at all, as someone else posted on here.
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    I have a 2009 SF/Limited and I have noticed water in the right tail light also. Planning on taking it to dealer and get it checked out.
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    Just picked it up yesterday, noticed water in right tail light today. Headed back this week to have the bluetooth put in - will ask about the seals as well. thanks for posting about this problem.
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