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New Civic not fuel efficient?

habukihabuki Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Honda
I just got a 2001 civic LX sedan and it runs
great, but from the moment I got the car (when it
had a full tank of gas) until it reached half a
tank, I'm only getting 17 miles per gallon when I
should be getting 30/38. Any suggestions on why
that is? The car just went 115 miles and it's a
half tank already. Thanks.


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    oldharryoldharry Member Posts: 413
    accurate way to check gas milage is to fill the tank yourself, write down the miles on the odometer, drive the car, fill the tank again, and divide the miles driven by the gallons purchased. Looking at the gas gauge will only confuse you. Hint, the tank probably wasn't full. Most gauges show a full tank until 5 to 10 percent of the fuel is used, and show the LEVEL of the fuel in the tank NOT the AMOUNT. An irregular shaped tank may hold more or less than half its capacity when the level is half way between top and bottom.

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    bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Member Posts: 115
    #1 of 1: Hmmmm...this is strange! (mike_542) Wed 22 Nov '00 (07:58 PM)

    Well habuki...this also was a problem for me. My
    BMW 530i is supposed to have 19 mpg for city. But while climbing a hills, the MPG meter said only 3! But, on the trip computer the average was 18.7 MPG so I guess this includes traffic lights and going
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    ashera1ashera1 Member Posts: 6
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