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Lincoln LS '03 Navigation System - Need HELP Please

acidutuacidutu Posts: 12
edited August 2014 in Lincoln
Hello All,
I have a Lincoln LS '03 with a THX Audio/Navigation system.

I played with the software update features under the Software menu (hidden menu by pressing the Audio and Menu button at the same time) and my Audio/Navigation menu doesn't come up anymore.

The last thing I did is go to software upgrade and select upgrade the NAVI 16X software. When it asked me if I had the CD I said yes (even though I don't have one) and now every time the radio system start it says: "Please wait while system is upgrading software".....followed by
"CAUTION: Cannot load System Software. Disk Type Incorrect. Please insert correct System Disk"

Now I'm stuck at this screen and I can't go to back to the regular menu that lets me control the audio stations and Navigation system.

The buttons for audio work (i can hear stations changing...when using the steering wheel controls) however It does not display on the screen anymore as that Caution message stays ON all the time.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way of bypassing this software upgrade and going back to the regular menu?

I cannot believe that Lincoln would allow you to select software upgrade which in turn screws up your system probably until you go back to the dealer for them to insert a CD in the system that would allow it to boot correctly again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was even thinking of disconnecting the Battery until the radio looses it's memory (i was hoping that would make the radio forget it asked for a System CD)

Any tought suggestions please let me know.



  • acidutuacidutu Posts: 12
    Hello All,

    I'm a bit frustrated that I haven't been able to yet resolve my NAV System problem. I called the dealership and I've been told that I needed the NAVTEQ DVD which will cost me anywhere from $350 - $400.
    Since that sounded a bit expensive, I called NAVTEQ myself and they've told me that their product(version 7D) does MAP updates but has nothing to do with the operation of the SYSTEM. In any case, the DVD costs about $199 + Tax + Shipping (much cheaper than the Dealer).

    I went back to the dealer and I explained that the DVD upgrade from NAVTEQ give me only Map updates and POI updates and not system upgrades. Their response to me was: "in that case the only thing we suggest is to take out your NAV system and send it to our service department off-site. With that option you're looking at the following costs":
    1. To take the radio/NAV out $120
    2. To send the unit out and get an estimate $150
    3. To fix the problem would be dependant on the actual problem and would cost additional dollars.

    In the end I have to pay close to $300 just for them to look at it....this doesn't sound right at all.

    I've also taken the battery out of the sytem for about 30 minutes to see if I can reset the unit. While all other settings were lost on the instrument panel, the radio kept it's stations and did not reset.

    Does anyone know a good Lincoln Dealer that may be able to assist? Maybe they can provide a part number for this System CD? I don't have a problem buying it.

    PS. I've also been told that maybe the MAP updates from NAVTEQ may contain software upgrade for my DVD system which may fix the problem. Can anyone confirm if the NAVTEQ CD does more than just MAP updates? (i believe the problem I have is with the DVD unit in the trunk as the last thing I did before I screwed up the system was to select Upgrade NAVI 16X System for which I don't have a CD/DVD.

    Does anyone know what type of unit this DVD system in the trunk is? Maybe I can find a firmware upgrade on the Net for the unit which will fix my problem.

    Any other suggestions are welcome.
  • The dealer needs to reset the system. IIRC, when you selected the update feature you dumped the factory programming.

    ""The last thing I did is go to software upgrade and select upgrade the NAVI 16X software. When it asked me if I had the CD I said yes (even though I don't have one) and now every time the radio system start it says: "Please wait while system is upgrading software".....followed by
    "CAUTION: Cannot load System Software. Disk Type Incorrect. Please insert correct System Disk"
    This means you need the programming disc.

  • acidutuacidutu Posts: 12
    OK...Here is the update...1 month into this...
    I've called numerous dealers and I'm very dissapointed. The support from the Lincoln community is very limited when it comes to NAV issues. :(

    In the end I've been told to call this company in the US: United Radio who apparently does certified licensed work for in-dash navigation systems such as the one in my LS.
    I've called them earlier today but they are unable to help me since they are not allowed to give out (or sell) the System Software Upgrade to end users. They will only deal with Ford dealers. I have submitted a few questions to their Technicians and I'm hoping to hear back from them tomorrow.

    I've also been told (by United Radio) that even though I will get the CD i still need the dealer to install it as they need to use an IDS tool to re-initiate my radio system?!?. Based on many posts I've read that's not actually true as the radio unit is working fine and I just need the firmware upgrade for the DVD unit.

    Ultimately here are my concerns:
    1. If I can buy the Upgrade System DVD from them I will. If not, what guarantees do I have that the actual Ford Dealer that I will go with this request won't burn me on the price?
    2. Alternatively I may try to buy a new DVD unit (which will come with the software pre-loaded)
    3. Is anyone out there able to sell me the System Software DVD for my DVD unit? (for money of course)

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Best regards,
  • milo776milo776 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out how to fix this issue? I am having the same issue and I do not want to pay the dealer $500+ to fix it.
  • acidutuacidutu Posts: 12
    Hello Milo,

    Unfortunately I was unable to get any decent support from Lincoln and I had to go and figure things on my own.

    All the calls to Denso and Lincoln lead to nowhere and I was wasting more time than anything but I would recommend that you first call a a few dealerships in your area to see if they have the DVD System software upgrade (not the MAP CD) as you may get the added benefits of a newer firmware. Also, it shouldn't take you more than a few phone calls which anyone can spare nowadays.

    I've researched getting different NAV systems and replacing the one I had (since I wanted to have added functionality - BT + MP3) but the cost of a nicer system was running close to $1300 US. In the end I decided to "fix" the one I have and save me some money. I called different junk yards around the country and searched on E-bay for a replacement DVD unit. In the end I found something on e-bay and I purchased it. It cost me around $300 US but I'm happy I made that decision since the system has been working great since. (still no MP3 or BT but the cost difference is justified)

    Of course I don't play around with the "update" menu anymore....hehehe

    Shame on Lincoln for their support. As far as I see this, a DVD with the correct software would have fixed and updated my system in no-time. It would have also been an easy service call for Lincoln and the possibility to make good money on it for less than 15 minutes of work. (assuming they would charge $90 for a diagnostic and 1hour of work at $60/hr = $150 for 15 minutes using a DVD with the correct firmware that would have cost them $0 to get from Denso directly)

    I hope I was able to help.
    Take care,
  • Adrian,

    I am having the same problem with my 04 LS. I have been everywhere trying to fix the issue. I have pulled the unit, pulled the battery, put 5 or 6 different discs in from various sources, and still no luck. Could you please tell me what the disc was that you used, or give me some direction. I am at the end of my rope with this one!!!
    [email protected]

    Thank you!

  • acidutuacidutu Posts: 12
    Hello Brock,

    Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately i was unable to find the Firmware CD i was looking for. In the end I had to buy a replacement DVD unit (the unit in the trunk that is) from a scrap yard on e-bay which resolved my issue since it had the firmware pre-loaded.

    I still have the old DVD unit around but since I'm no programmer I'm not sure how to hack the existing working unit and grab the firmware so that I can upload it in the old unit. If anyone can suggest how that may be accomplished I can give it a try although I'm scared of breaking the working unit :(

    Sorry I couldn't give you better news.
  • How did you enter the advanced menu?

    I'm holding Audio+Menu for about 1 second and a keypad comes up with "Enter Diag PIN..."

    What do i enter?
  • acidutuacidutu Posts: 12
    The password/PIN is 1971.
  • 04llsv804llsv8 Posts: 2
    Wow, I have an 04 LS and I wanted to update the maps with some software. reading all this, has got me very gun shy. should I leave it along?
  • ezaircon4jcezaircon4jc Posts: 793
    The software isn't upgradeable. The updated DVD map can be purchased from NAVTEQ.
  • I think i may have found a solution to this problem. I basically did the same thing, but I read that the systems can be upgraded to add the Satellite Radio feature. So I emailed United Radio and they said that they have the upgrade system disk but can only be sent out to the dealerships. I had my dealership call them up and order the cd (Which the dealer must return) so I can try to fix my system. Hopefully they will have it sometime next week so I can try out the disk!
  • bigbravebigbrave Posts: 1
    I just purchased an '04 Lincoln LS with the Navigation and also want to update the maps. enoemosmai, please keep us updated if this works. How much was the service? Thanks

  • If you just want to update the maps just purchase the map dvd. DO NOT try and upgrade your system.

    When they had to reinstall my navigation system it was free of charge from the dealer. They had to order a set of CD's though from United Radio and return them after flashing my system.
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