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adding a sync system to an LS?

jokersmithjokersmith Posts: 12
edited April 2014 in Lincoln
I have an '05 LSE witht the THX navigaion touchscreen system. I am wanting to add bluetooth of somesort so that I can use my cell phone through the stereo like the sync system. Does anyone have any ideas?


  • I would be curious to know if I can add bluetooth to my THX navigation also (I have an '03 LS). Does your Lincoln have phone controls on the steering wheel or on the touch system?
    I know my doesn't and I can't imagine how the integration will work.
    I've seen it done on a porche (and the features from the phone were nicely integrated into the NAV system over bluetooth). Keep in mind the porche was not retrofitted with the bluetooth option from the begining and the owner bought a connector at the back of the unit to add bluetooth functionality.

    There must be companies out there that sell these in-line connectors for the Lincoln Navigation system. (I just don't happen to be very familiar with them)

    Hopefully others have been exposed to them and can suggest something for us :)

  • No I have no phone controls anywhere. I have heard their is a web site called sync my ride, to add the features of the sync system to non sync cars. Also ford sells a sync kit but I have not looked into it yet.
  • After you told me about SYNC I was really excited and I went on the internet and did some research. Unfortunately SYNC came about in the 2007 generation of Ford/Lincoln and everywhere I've been searching there is no mention of being compatible with the older style Lincoln LS I have. I really liked the SYNC from Ford but I doubt it can be integrated into our existing THX Navigation System :(

    As per other posts I've read some newer fords (08 models) had the option of adding SYNC to them and Ford created specific kits for each car which included the steering wheel controls and the NAV system. Since no kits were created for the older generation LS's I doubt that this would be a cookie cutter solution but rather a customization that would be beyond my abilities (changing steering wheel and wires)

    If someone is aware of a similar product out there that would integrate with the Lincoln LS '03 THX Navigation system it would be great to know about.

    In the end I want to use my existing NAV system to dial out and to receive incoming calls over bluetooth (all of it using the display already there) not using additional external connectors (such as the Parrot Adaptors which would require front mounting of their unit)

  • acidutuacidutu Posts: 12
    FYI: I called my dealer (as I'm having issues with my existing NAV system - you can see my other post) and I've asked them if there are any other options for me such as putting a SYNC system in my car. (simillar to what the new FORDs/Lincolns have).
    I was quickly told that it's not possible for the LS series....

    - I guess we're stuck with off-market products as Lincoln/Ford do not have one for us :(

  • So what are some after market choices? I have seen a unit by motorola, that is about the size of a garage door opener. It uses FM modulation and bluetooth to sync the radio and the phone.
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