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Rear seat entertainment question

djbesq1djbesq1 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Lincoln
Just bought an 08 Nav. yesterday and haven't had time to read the huge manual.
Does anyone know if the regular stereo is independent of the rear seat entertainment system?
i.e. can we use the radio on the cabin speakers while the kids are watching a DVD in the back seat using headphones?
Thanks in advance for any help.


  • If you have the factory installed DVD player the answer is yes. The kids can enjoy their movie while you listen to whatever you want through the stereo.
  • Have a 2008 Navigator with the rear dvd player. The courtesy lighting inside the rear of the vehicle quit working with the doors or any of the switches. The front lights work just fine. Checked fuses and position of rear switch, which are okay. Wondering if I'm doing something wrong. Any suggestions?
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