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Hope someone can help as I'm new to this forum, or any other for that matter. I've owned a 99 rodeo 4wd for 6 years and it was a great, versatile and reliable vehicle. Just this weekend I over- corrected after hitting the gravel shoulder and flew into a deep ditch. My 17 yr old son was in the passenger seat, and other than some stiffness and bruising we are both fine [thank God]. We hit the bank hard and the truck is a write-off, but I'm sure that the truck's sturdy frame is what saved us. Also the cop said it's a wonder that we didn't roll it.
Although I learned a valuable lesson [ I was distracted by my cell phone, like an idiot, and could have killed my youngest son! ], I hope to acquire another rodeo for the two of us to drive.
My question is; of the last 3 model years [02,03,04] which is the most reliable, safest and fuel-efficient? 4WD only please [we're in Canada!]


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    We just got a 2003 isuzu rodeo s single owner with 94thous miles on it. Is there anything we need to be on the watch for?

    Look forward to any feed back.

    also looking for a free or downloadable owners manual for it if any one has any ideas.

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    Nothing free that I see in How To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online. You can find repair manuals online (Online Repair Manuals).
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    If you found an '04 with Direct Injection, that would probably be the most fuel efficient. I've got an Axiom with DI and it's been very good.
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    Hi all, I've recently aquired a 1984 KB(?) dual cab 4x4 Rodeo, petrol g200 with a 4 speed manual box, I'm really just wondering if anyone knows where I could find any information about it? As in specs and things like that.

    There are just some funny things going on. Like I push the clutch in and the revs drop and she seems VERY gutless. And I'm not sure how normal these behaviours are.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Hey there, I live in Bozeman Montana where it just snowed 2 feet so Ive set out to find myself a winter vehicle.

    I came across a 1995 izusu rodeo v6 4X4 5spd with 223000 miles for $1100. From what I could grasp from the owner over the phone the vehicle is still in tip top shape with a higher than normal oil consumption. No un-natural engine noise, shock and struts are good, winter tires have only seen 2 seasons. The pictures also look flawless. SO! my question to you is what do you think? Im going to test drive sunday and will buy it on the spot if things go well.

    What should I be looking for? Are there any special things that only a long time owner of a isuzu would know that I should know? I really just need something that'll last me 2-3 more years so the high mileage doesnt bug me a bit.... if the car makes it 2-3 more years of course. If you want to see the pictures i can email you.
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    I have a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo and occasionally all of the lights begin to pulsate...not drastically but slightly...enough to be noticeable in the heaqdlights. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
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    I was at a local car dealership and saw a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo Sport. It has 65K on it, auto and looks to be nicely loaded. I think the price was about 10K. Are these things pretty reliable? I know nothing about this model. It is a 4X4 model. I don't even think Izusu's are around anymore, are they? Any thoughts on this vehicle would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
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    Honda Passports wre nothing more than rebadged Rodeos

    The guys in our shop sure didn't think much of them as they caused a lot of troubles compared to Hondas.

    The engines seem to get pretty tired at an early age.

    I just think there are better choice out there.
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