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I have a 2002 lincoln ls. Since 4 months, the functions on the steering wheel start to mix up and now all functions stop working (cruise, audio, sound control, even the horn).
Is changing the steering wheel fix the problem, or is there any motor (computer) inside the steering wheel that I should change ?
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    It's easier than that - just replace the clockspring. That's the part that transfers the electrical signals from the steering wheel buttons to the wiring harness in the steering column while still allowing the steering wheel to turn both ways.
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    Thank you akirby for the prompt information, I'll check it up on ebay, hope it's not too expensive.
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    Why on Earth would you buy something like that on Ebay? Just go to a dealer or parts store or call Bill Jenkins at Team Ford in Las Vegas.
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    Hello all! I have a 2000 LS with 91,000 miles on it. Have been taking it to the dealership for work for over a year now...they joke and say the car has "phantom" problems. I have had the sway bar replaced, same problem as most. Now my airbag light is on, the horn doesn't work the majority of the time, cruise control quit working, but audio controls still work fine. I am also having a clunking noise on the passenger side which they can't locate. And to top it all off, the car spuratically cuts out. I've noticed this happens when travelling down the hiway, rpm's at 1.5, upon acceleration prior to transmission downshifting. They have taken me for a TON of money. And I need some answers so I can go in and tell them what they need to do. Sounds crass I know, but I'm fed up. Please help if you can!
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    Sounds like the clock spring again. If that doesn't fix the airbag light check the yellow harness under the driver's seat (carefully!). If it's a V6 replace the PCV, if it's a V8 have the ignition coils checked and/or replaced.
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    How much does the clock sring replacement usually cost?
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    No idea - call a dealer and ask.
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    Wow, really? I took it into the dealership and they "read the codes". The car is a V8, and they told me it was the harness that ran under the driver seat. They want to charge me "around" $1400.00 to fix it. That's nice to know. I decided to hold off on the repair since it isn't affecting the cars performance. I have, to date, replaced 6 of the 8 spark plugs and coil wires, at over $300 each, so unless it is one of the other 2, I think I'm beat. Will be trying the coil spring soon. Thanks a bunch! We all appreciate your words of wisdom!
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    Just a note, regarding paying too much for plugs and coil packs.. Its very possible to change out the coils and spark plugs at home, by yourself on a V8. I did all of mine today in just a matter of a couple of hours. You can buy the right spark plugs and coils ahead of time. Take your time and pay attention to what you are doing and do them all for under $500 bucks easy.. Its pricey, but its still better than paying out the wahzoo for someone else. Incidentally, my steering wheel functions don't work either, and for the life of me why would it have to do with anything under the driver seat! Someone please enlighten -- me seriously! Thanks,
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    If the steering wheel functions don't work or do random things it's most likely the clock spring in the steering wheel.
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