Denali losing hitch/receiver covers!

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Has anyone had problems keeping the hitch covers on their Denali? I'm talking about the painted cover meant to look integral with the bumper. Also, does anyone know of an aftermarket, lower cost outlet for these things? Darn things are really expensive ($115 unpainted) from GM!!!


  • smokeytasmokeyta Member Posts: 2
    This cover doesn't attach in the receiver location. It actually uses a slip fitting with a quarter turn latch to affix the cover to the bumper. Are any other folks having this problem? Any ideas on aftermarket, or GM the only show in town?
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    :shades: I had my 07 XL Denali since May '06, I have not had any issues with the Hitch Cover coming off, But my local car wash stated they have had many problems with them being torn off during the wash cycle on Cadillac's not sure why this is happening. I check after every wash and I do not see any indication of anything being pulled.
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    Mine fell off a year ago. I let it go through the summer since I haul a boat around frequently. I replaced it last fall. I found a replacement from Titus Will online for about $90.00. Paint was another $100 and those 5 cent clips cost $6.00 each. I tried to get the dealer to cover it under the warranty, but no such luck. They said they needed the "defective part" to turn in for warranty to cover it. Which is difficult when the defective part falls off!
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