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2005 Chevy Trailblazer Gear Ratios

skyguy1skyguy1 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
We are looking at buying a 2005 Trailblazer.

From what I've read, the Trailblazers have 3 different gear ratios, the 3.42, the 3.73, and the 4.10. Is there a standard ratio that the TB 05 comes with?

I've looked around and there are huge spreads in mileage differences between different cars / owners. Some are getting 18 city and 22 freeway, others 10 city and 15 freeway...

Is this related to the gear ratio? Or is just how these people are driving? (ie lead foot)

Which gear ratio gives the best gas mileage?



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    burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    In general, the 3.42 should provide the best mileage since the engine turns less per wheel revolution. That's true under most conditions, but if you have a lead foot it won't make that much difference, and if you do all stop and go driving it won't help that much either. So I guess your answer is it's both, gear ratio and driving style for a given class with similar weight and power specifications. Of course it's foolish to compare a Cadillac Escalade with a Honda Pilot for example.
    In the Trailblazer the 3.73 is the middle of the road gearing for the best overall performance and economy. If your going to do a lot of heavy towing the 4.10 would be best. Likewise, if your use is mostly highway without a lot of stop and go or towing, then the 3.42 will give you good economy.
    I don't believe there's any "standard" for gearing in the Trailblazer.
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    ss06ss06 Member Posts: 2
    the 4:10 rear is for performance that why it comes on the ss blazer the 3:42rear will give you the best millage but i like the 3:73 rear. and you no the epa is a bunch of crap when the did a road test i think with road and track on a actual road the 6 cylinder got a little over 16 and the 400 hp ss traiblazergot 15 i own the ss and love even at 80 it will go faster then you count you have to cout bt 5 to keep up
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