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Chevrolet Traverse

steverstever Posts: 52,683
The Traverse should be at Chevy dealers soon. If you are shopping for a large crossover with better mpg than you might expect (17/24), check it out and talk about it here.

New owners, please give us a report too.


  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    I'm thinking about getting one next year. I love the exterior and interior styling and the air conditioned seats. I hate the cramped seats in the 2nd and 3rd rows. I was hoping they would come out with a V-8 or hybrid version next year. I test drove their LTZ version and it drives very smooth. :)
  • I am looking to buy a vehicle to use for towing a small camping trailer. Any towing experiences with Traverse. How's the mileage when towing?

    Any comments pro/con other advice would be appreciated.

  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    I plan to buy a SUV this year. I have narrowed my choices down to a Toyota Sequoia and a Chevrolet Traverse. The Sequoia has nice anemities but is too large and pricey. I like the Traverse. However the interior has more cheap plastic than a Chinese Toys-R-Us factory.I can't understand why Chevrolet would make such a nice vehicle just to load it up with so much plastic. No wonder they need a bailout. I also don't like the small cup holders for the rear seats. I've test driven the LTZ version and it drives very smooth. I'll probably get one by spring. I'm waiting for the price of the LTZ to come down some more. Here in metro Atlanta they're selling Traverses for $24,000. They didn't state what model but I'm sure it's for the base model.
  • gaupogaupo Posts: 1

    I see where you indicated a gp for the basic for 24k, do you know what dealer in atlanta would be good too. I am looking for one that has the following: backup camera (in the review mirror), seating for 7, 10 speaker bose and in the moss silver. Any thoughts. I have seen that for about 34k w/o rebates and i figure about 5500 off for rebates.
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    In 2003 I bought a Santa Fe from Jim Ellis Hyundai. They had very great service. So I assume Jim Ellis Chevrolet would have excellent service as well. About a week ago he was selling Traverses for $24,000. I don't know if that special is still going on. He has many selections and colors to choose from.I 've seen every exterior color in person except for the red and beige colors. I've seen pictures of Traverses online and the beige color looks the best to me. However I'm waiting to see it in person. When I visited his dealership last week he had every available color except red and beige although his website states he have a beige color Traverse.If I was buying another Hyundai I would definitely by it from him because of the good experience. But again that was at his Hyundai dealership not his Chevrolet dealership. I'm waiting for the Traverse prices to come down a bit because I think they are overpriced.There's no way the LTZ version(which I plan to buy) is worth $40,000. Heck I can buy a brand new Toyota Sequoia Limited for $36,000 and if it wasn't for the fact that it's so huge(and has terrible gas mileage) I would probably buy it. I hope this helps. Nice talking to you my friend. ;)
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Why do we have another SUV on the road? Using our money? hmmm....

    they have the Acadia, Enclave, Outlook, etc.... same platforms...

    I do not see anything to change anytime soon for GM. Its too bad, they really could
    be on top. You have to really want it though. That would require swallowing your pride.. and ask for help, oh wait, they did, but they robbed us of our anyway.

    I am dumping my 08 GM car the first chance I get, It was never my choice to get it. I no longer want to support them!
  • Well, BVD (if I may call you that) --
    It's simple: That's what (many) families want.
    You're right, in the big picture, there is no need for yet another SUV or "crossover," as the GM models you mentioned are being called.
    Even Toyota has a brand-new one (Venza, or something like that).

    But the Traverse is GM's least-expensive, perhaps best-looking one. The company probably should not have bothered with the Saturn Outlook version, but the Chevy does make sense in the lineup.

    By the way, I'm confused. How are you going to dump something you did not choose (08 GM car)?
    If it's yours to get rid of -- then you chose it, right? If you didn't choose (buy) it, then that's not your decision either, right?
    Either way, better luck on your "decision" next time, buddy.
  • maxxmdmaxxmd Posts: 18
    This has to be one of the quietest Forums on Edmunds. I know GM is really hurting, but doesn't anyone own a Traverse? I purchased an LT1 Jan 30th and have 2200 miles so far. I really like it though the milage is a little below what I expected. Averaging 16 to 19.5 combined in mostly highway driving. Hopefully that improves with time.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It is a bit odd. There's a goodly number of Consumer Reviews for the Traverse, so some people are buying them. Maybe they are having too much fun driving them and no time to post about them? :shades:
  • Hey Maxx --

    Yeah, not much action here. But Traverses still are pretty rare to see on the street, and they are not exactly flying out of dealers' doors.
    I don't have one yet, but am getting close. In fact I want the 1LT also, and it was nice to see your encouraging post. :)
    Can you add some details about your LT1, such as:
    AWD or FWD
    any options?
    where bought (just name of town is ok).

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Well, the Pontiac forums are the quietest, there is nothing going on there. Sadly, only 2 reviews for months placed on the 2009 car.
  • maxxmdmaxxmd Posts: 18
    Got a Cyber Grey AWD LT1. Options were 7 seats (captains chairs), dual sunroof and Bose system. Price was $31,400 including freight and I had a $2K GM card rebate ($1500 of which GM added for use before 2-2-09). I probably could have done a little better on price but this was the exact combination I wanted from color to AWD to the options. I did get a very good trade in. Purchased in Annapolis MD. Good luck with your purchase.
  • dick28dick28 Posts: 1
    I tried one out today,I really do like this vehicle.It is large,however,it's better priced than the Acadia and Buick.
    The new 2010 Equinox is also a vehicle I'd like to see.
    I'm currently driving a Rendezvous ,like it's size, looking for something similar.
  • spooky68spooky68 Posts: 1
    Ok I'm going to buy a Traverse. My dilema is.... do I want the 2nd row bucket seats with console, 2nd row bucket without the console or bench seats. I will have a 2 year old in a car seat facing front and an infant in a car seat facing the rear. Did any of you face a similar situation and what did you end up with and why??

  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Hi, Spooky:
    I'm probably buying one in the next few days myself. I'm not even thinking about getting the 2nd row "captain's chairs" though. I'll admit, they look nice, but here's why I'm not getting them.
    1. Can't wrap my head around the idea of spending more money to get fewer seats. Yes, they're "standard" with the 2LT, but if you don't get them you get a nearly $500 credit. There's other options you get for around that much.
    Or, apply the money to the extended warranty, if you're the type who's inclined to buy one, that is.
    2. I have three kids (teens). Me+wife+them= 5 folks. With 8 seats (instead of 7), each kid can still bring a friend. Or we can bring another couple and still don't have to cram 3 people all in the 3rd row seat.
    3. Having room for three in the 2nd seat means it's more likely I can keep the 3rd seat down for vacation luggage or something oversized that I need to haul at the same time.

    Obviously, your situation is different, and I've heard folks say that with small children, they like the walkthrough access to the third row offered by 2nd row bucket seats. (That of course rules out that center console the size of a small boat. lol)
    That's a valid point: Especially when your tykes are big enough to buckle and unbuckle their own seatbelts, they will have a swift entry/exit way.
    The tilting seats aren't bad at all -- a piece of cake for big people to operate -- but not so much for the under-10 crowd.


  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 50
    I just picked up my Dark Blue Metallic Traverse LS this morning. This is my company car and is replacing a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan. Our company had us in minivans for years and finally a new ride that brings sexy back. I was so self conscious driving a minivan and being a mid 20s male. Now I can drive my company car anywhere without being embarrassed.
    So back to the Traverse. It's a plain Jane LS, XM radio was deleted but my company did add the Bluetooth Hands Free Calling package. It was so easy to pair my Blackberry to the Traverse. Upon entering the vehicle, it automatically links to my phone so I can make and receive calls without fumbling with my phone. The engine runs really well for this big vehicle. It has very spacious cargo room and easy folding seats. The only problem I have is getting the 2nd row seats to slide all the way back so that when the 2nd and 3rd row seats are folded flat there isn't a gap between the two rows. There's a trick to push the seat back towards the rear so that it slides on the track whenever you are putting the 2nd row seat back in place after pulling the lever to enter the 3rd row. Hope that's not too confusing. Push the seat back to the back before you push down the seat cushion to lock it in place. :shades:
  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 50
    I just noticed the lever on the side of the 2nd row seats that slides the seats front and back.
  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    Traded the 02 Suburban Z71 for the decked-out Traverse LTZ AWD. Just about all the bells and whistles, save the towing package. I've driven all the siblings (Acadia, etc.) as well as all the competitors, both American and Japanese. I gave a little edge to the Americans since I want to help do my part. After a week, I can say that this is a very solid, well-built and good looking vehicle. Comfort is on par with the Japanese. Styling is better IMHO. It looks a good deal like the new Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, and Hyundai competitor car-based SUVs, but manages to retain it's "Chevy-ness." It doesn't try TOO hard to look like an import, if that makes any sense. It looks tougher. The Acadia was too invisible, the Outlook too awkward and pieced-together, and the Enclave had too much chrome...everywhere! It drives straight, has good power, much better mileage than my 'Burb, but surprisingly had more usable room inside, as far as passenger comfort. The amenities are bountiful. My favorite by FAR is the air-conditioned front perforated leather seats! No more sweat-sticky backs in the summer! It's just wow. Drives well, handles great, accellerates quickly, and holds the road in bad weather. Only thing so far is that the DVD-based navigation just stops once in a while, and you can only restart it by eject and reinserting the disk...and the vehicle must be stopped to do this. Dealership said it will investigate. I'll follow up on this board with how that goes. I've used GPS systems frequently, but never a DVD-based system--to those in the know, is this a common issue? Anyway, I did my homework on this purchase and test drove everything in the same class, and in my opinion the Traverse is a highly competitive SUV to anything like it out there. Best Chevy I've seen in quite some time.
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Hey, UTexas:

    Congrats on the company car upgrade, man!

    I can totally understand your happiness at ditching the minivan. Hey, I'm a suburban dad with three kids, and I don't want any stinkin' minivan (neither does my wife)!

    Glad you got a handle on that seat-moving situation, too.
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Great info and details, Waveho!

    You really went high on the Chevy hog, getting a full-bore LTZ, man. You're doing more than your part to save GM and stimulate our economy. :)
    After test driving all the decent competitors, also, I totally agree with most of what you said. You especially summed up the styling very well, in a way I'd not seen before.

    For me, it's finally down to the Traverse vs. the Mazda CX-9 right now. I favor the Chevy for all the reasons you cited, but the biggest drawback is that it's just a little too big (on the outside, of course) than I and my wife would like to maneuver on our suburban streets. Also, backing that thing up will take a LOT of getting used to.
    CX-9 is much more nimble. It's not as roomy of course, esp. in the 3rd seat area, but the compromise seems worth it.
    CX-9 is also a better value, in that you get tons more standard features at the lower trim models, and has a slightly more upscale interior.
    Anyway, we're going to take one last look at the Trav tomorrow and then decide. :confuse:
    Like you, I'd prefer to give the edge to an American product, but we'll see how much they really want to deal!

    Enjoy your new ride! :D
  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 50
    Hey Duayned,
    Good luck deciding between the Travey vs. the CX-9. I have an '08 CX-7 GT as my personal vehicle and I love the zoom-zoom that comes with it. If I were you I would go with the CX-9. The interior and exterior styling are both refined and luxurious. It definitely turns heads but so does the Traverse since it is unexpected from Chevy. The Traverse is definitely performance and style minded and is more fun to drive. While I think the Traverse is more value and function minded. The reviews on Edmunds for the Traverse are rated higher than the CX-9 however.
    As far as giving the edge to an American product, be mindful of the possibility of bankruptcy at GM. I'm not an economic or auto industry expert but I'm sure this would affect the value of GM vehicles in the future. It's a shame if GM enters bankruptcy because the Traverse is a prime example of a well built vehicle and turn around from the previous inferior products rolling out of GM.
    I'm interested to know what you decide on!
  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    Thanks, Duayned! LOL, yeah we're definitely doing our part to help save GM! I'm not concerned at all about the threat of bankruptcy. GM is not going to stop making cars and trucks and the federal gov't is guaranteeing warranties on new vehicles. In fact, I'm looking forward to GM reorganizing. Only main issue is that almost certainly many dealerships will close and some models will disappear--that may affect some areas and force some folks to drive farther for warranty service (though I can't imagine that!--seems like a GM dealership is on every corner!). As for parts, heck I still find it very easy to get parts for my 1998 BMW 540i-6! I liked the CX9 a good deal--but for some reason I always get a bit clostraphobic in Asian-made cars, and I've been in and owned a quite a few. Maybe my imagination. I also felt like I was sitting higher and the driver's seat seemed more comfy and adjustable--I'm 6'4", so leg room and ceiling height are major issues. I was very happy with my old 'Burb--135k or so on the clock, and still never burned oil. In that time, cat. converters were replaced under warranty and rear axle was replaced (not under warranty, sadly), but that's it. I'm hoping for the same quality with the Traverse! We'll have it for some time I suspect....
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Thanks, UTex --
    You hit on the key points between those two trucks, alright. Really, I can't go too far wrong with choosing either one.
    CX-9 Sport (the GT is too rich for me - lol) is going for more than a $1,000 less than Traverse (which I probably mentioned already in my last post. lol)
    If they were the exact same price, I'd take the Traverse. It gets better gas mileage, and I like the added bonus of the OnStar, XM radio standard and the extra room in back.
    I drove it again today and it handled much better than I had recalled. But the thing is tall and wide.
    I'm not really worried about GM and it's affect on the resale value, etc., as I always keep my vehicles for about 10 years and over 100,000 miles.
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    I hear ya Wave. As I just told UTexas, I also am not too worried about what may happen with GM. The reorganization is way overdue. Like you, I plan to keep my next vehicle for a long time, whichever one it may be.
    Interesting you mention feeling claustrophobic in the CX-9 -- I'm only 5'6" but it even felt tight to me, with the honkin' high console right up against my leg.
    (on the other hand, my wife's Toyota Camry seems very roomy).
    And it's not your imagination about sitting taller in the Traverse -- it is taller, no doubt about that.
    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on the long-term quality of the Chevy, too.
  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    Duayned: One more thing to consider regarding the Traverse: All models come with auto remote side mirror folding--just one touch on the button on the driver's door, and both side mirrors fold in or out. This for me was an exceedingly nice touch, because even though my Traverse fits in my garage without folding the mirrors, it's too close for comfort (for my wife especially!), so it's so easy just to fold them in before entering. This way, it doesn't feel quite as ungainly wide. And again, if you haven't yet experienced the cooled so!
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Waveho --
    Nice thought, but unfortunately, not all the Travs have that remote mirror-folding feature -- just your LTZ, maybe the 2LT, both too rich for my blood.
    Same with the cooled seats. Only get that with leather package on 2LT and LTZ.

    Oh, I'm sure I'd love both of those features, a lot! But I'm not even going to try them out, 'cause I can barely afford the 1LT, dude! :cry:
  • sjasja Posts: 11
    I just took delivery of a new Traverse, Dark Cherry Metalic, with the back up camera. Nice ride! Very comfortable and roomy. Lots of bells and whistles with the On Star, XM and on board information system.

    Anyone in the Pittsburgh, PA area, I would urge you to go to Colussy Chevy in Bridgeville. Tell Kyra I sent you.
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    so is it my imagination or the Traverse actually costs MUCH less than the "professional grade", Pensekes' new collection, and Tiger Wood's unwanted car?
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    I have not checked the 2009 pricing, but a year ago when I researched and ended up buying an Outlook, the prices were real close when equipted with the same options. The Outlook started lower but the base model had fewer features that the base Acadia and the base Enclave had even more 'standard' features that were options on the other 2. I ended up with the Outlook since I was able to get the options I wanted on the XR without taking some unwanted options on the Acadia and Enclave, so the XR was better for me.

    I looked at the 2009 Outlook after they came out and the one I bought in '08 was about $2K less than the '09, main difference was the backup camera came in the package for '09 but not '08. So, I'm glad I did not wait.
  • prophetxprophetx Posts: 5
    My first post ever, but wanted to share my exciting news. Tonight I finalized the purchase of my LT2 AWD. It is Desert Brown w/ Dk Titanium carpet and Lt Cashmere leather interior. It also has the dual skyscrape sunroof, trailer tow and a block heater. After 6 weeks of negotiating with dealers (Saturn & GMC), and searching inventories, I found exactly what I wanted. They offered it to me at $7600 under MSRP, plus $3000 GM card points and 0% financing. With the addition of my trade which they gave me $500 more than I expected, (compared to other dealer offers), I was able to get my net loan down to $30,300 or $505/month. This is the most expensive car I've ever purchased, nearly $10,000 higher MSRP than my last vehicle, but it's only costing me $35/month more. I couldn't be happier. I hope the vehicle is as rewarding as the final sale. Good luck and happy hunting.
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