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Chrysler Pacifica drivers seat problem

i have a 08 pacifica and when i excellarate the drivers seat back moves a little. just enough to be a problem took it to chrysler and was tol all 08s do it . called chrysler and was told they had to stand by the dealers word and i could take it to another dealer for a 2nd look at. can anyone help me..thanks


  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    That is nonsense. They are trying to get rid of you. You have every right to go to another dealer for their opinion while the vehicle is under warranty, if the first dealer does not resolve anything to your satisfaction.
  • 04pac04pac Posts: 4
    I have the same problem with my 04. They changed the drivers seat track once. No diference. I diagnosed it myself. It is the forward/rear seat bottom tilt motor. There is play in the motor itself. Passenger seats dont have this feature thats why it's driver side only. Im going to bring it back and ask to have the motor changed.
  • The 2004 models were recalled due to this problem - they said it had to do with a "static electricity" issue. With my car, the seat stopped moving all together, so only one driver could use it!
  • My '07 drivers seat started rocking recently. When I stop the seat will rock forward a little bit then when I take off it rocks back. The car is out of warranty with 37k miles on it so I guess I live with it or I fix it myself. At least I know what the possible problem is. When it gets warmer I will look at it.
  • bobgrbobgr Posts: 1
    my 04 just had both driver and passenger seats stop operating on Memorial Day. Not being used, no changes, just nothing happens with the switches. No previous electrical or dash problems. Where to head with this?
  • shermanwshermanw Posts: 1
    I took the cover off the drivers seat and looked and moved the wires. there is a short in the wires underneath the drivers seat in front of the motor. this might be what is causing alot of problems. this can short out another system.
  • ceglanaceglana Posts: 1
    My 2005 with 112k miles on it has been a great car since I bought it new, but about a year ago the driver's seat started moving forward on its own- like all the way forward, WHILE I'M DRIVING. Took it to the dealership, and they said they couldn't find a problem with it. It's continued intermittently for the past year, but today it did it again and I was smashed so far forward I couldn't get my knee out from under the dash to put my foot on the brake!! My husband removed the fuse, but this sounds like a manufacturing defect- do I contact the dealership again or go straight to Chrysler? Will they do anything for me?
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