Ford Escape Trailer Wiring

twoplankr22twoplankr22 Member Posts: 15
Can i just tap into the tail light wires for the brake/turn signals? I've heard rumors that the computer will overload or shut down or something. Do I have to buy some sort of adapter, and if so, where does it go? I'm just towing a small popup so no brake controller or anything. Any help much appreciated.


  • firedude2firedude2 Member Posts: 1
    No. There is a special module that goes under the hood. it comes in a kit. And yes it will hurt your computer if you tap directly into your wiring. Have an 05 Escape and I had the same problem. Hitch $100, wiring kit $250 and a days labor to put it in. i had to down load the instructions from Ford, It looks to be a big job. FD
  • djjoshwvdjjoshwv Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 ford escape and had Leonards put the hitch and wiring in for me. It never worked right so I researched it and I found a kit on Auto Zone and it only ran me like 50.00. I had it installed in about 15 minutes. But then again I do vehicle wiring on police cars and stuff for a living.
  • cwanderson110cwanderson110 Member Posts: 1
    Hello from a retired cop:

    I have a 2005 ford escape and installed the module. I can only get the signal lights to work but no running lights or brake lights. Any suggestions?

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