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Could an Audi A4 A6 or A8 go over a Million Miles?

stephenabelsonstephenabelson Posts: 23
edited April 2014 in Audi
Any thoughts on whether or not a Audi A6, A4 or A8 (or any of the other previous models) could drive over one million miles on the original engine with proper maintence maintained throughout the cars life, garaged and treated well?

Has anyone seen a Lexus with one million miles? Everyone always talks about how reliable and long living the Japan cars are, like Lexus, Toyota & Honda but I personally have not seen any with a million miles. I have seen a Mercedes Benz with over a million miles on the original engine, also a VW and the guy with the record for having the most miles on a car is a guy driving a Volvo from the 1960's.


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