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Could a Honda Or Acura go one million miles?

stephenabelsonstephenabelson Member Posts: 23
Any thoughts on whether or not a Honda and or Acura could drive over one million miles on the original engine with proper maintence maintained throughout the cars life, garaged and treated well?

Has anyone seen a Lexus with one million miles? Everyone always talks about how reliable and long living the Japan cars are, like Lexus, Toyota & Honda but I personally have not seen any with a million miles. I have seen a Mercedes Benz with over a million miles on the original engine, also a VW and the guy with the record for having the most miles on a car is a guy driving a Volvo from the 1960's.


  • gyushergyusher Member Posts: 67
    I've put over 400K on a couple cars and close to 500K on a Toyota Pickup then got tired of putting a grand in them every few years in normal maintenance items like fan/timing/serpintine belts, brake shoes, hoses etc. etc. There comes a time when you just get tired (sick) of that car. . .

    I serviced each car properly and fixed things promptly when needed. I think in every case I could have made a million if I wanted to keep on going.

    1971 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (455 2v carb) 460K
    1984 Toyota pickup (4 cyl 5 speed manual) 480K
    1992 Toyota Tercell (4cyl 4 speed manual) 410K
  • elroy5elroy5 Member Posts: 3,735
    Just about any car could go a million miles, if every time something breaks, you fix it. I do believe a Honda can get there with less repairs along the way.
  • gyushergyusher Member Posts: 67
    Just about any car could go a million miles, if every time something breaks, you fix it. I do believe a Honda can get there with less repairs along the way.

    In my case nothing broke, just normal wear items. At around 200K the Olds started missing from a burnt valve. I replaced the one valve without giving it a valve job and drove it for 260K farther without incident. That was the only incident that caused me to go into an engine. All the cars I mentioned never required any engine or drive train work other than normal service. All were running just fine and used little or no oil when I sold them. I was just getting tired of them.

    Keep the oil changed, stay up with the normal wear items like belts and hoses, tune ups, plus service the other running gear on a regular basis and most cars will drive a long long time.

    What I meant by fixing things immediately was things like brakes etc. fix them before they do break causing bigger problems.

    Just staying on top of the 'service' items can get spendy alright but taking short cuts or putting off those things can cause things to escalate into a nightmare.

    I never 'babied' a car either however by the same token I was always mindful of their limitations and tried not to ask more out of them that was reasonable to expect.

    I do think cars like Hondas just have a way of making you feel good about having one. I can understand a big car or truck with huge low horse power engines that are never stressed should last longer.

    Something about a Honda gives you a better feeling than most american cars of the same size. I think its reasonable to expect more from the Honda.
  • jdcampjdcamp Member Posts: 3
    Back in 2002 I was working at the Honda plant in Marysville, OH where they make the Accord. They ran an article about someone who did exactly that, went 1 million miles with his Honda Accord. Check out a google search of "million miles honda accord" and there are several examples.
  • nhnas38nhnas38 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, Honda has done it check this link out Honda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF0L1YmcZIQ
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