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Rendezvous Recalls?

I have a 2002 and have changed all the popular items: Intake gasket, Ignition switch windshield,brakes, and now after my wife shuts the door the window fell down, how many people have to experience the same problems before there is a recall?


  • Mine did the same thing last year..It cost me $300 dollars to get it fixed..
  • i need to find the fuse for the power port and i don't have a manual and the panel guide means nothing to me HELP 2004
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239

    My wife has a FWD 2003 RDV (2nd edition). So far, its front rotors needed to be replaced. And both front wheel bearings needed to be replaced as well. Compared to our other vehicle (which is a mini-van), I find the "front end" of the RDV is very heavy. Great for traction (when its needed) but this extra weight in the front end is hard on brake rotors and hard on front bearings. It's 3.4L engine seems to have ticking (especially at cold start up) but my trusted mechanic says this is normal - due to its engine design. Was told a 1/2 can of Lucus engine oil during next oil change will help reduce engine ticking sounds. (hope it works...).

    Other then these above items, so far - so good. Our FWD '03 RDV vehicle starts, rides great, all its controls work and its "fun to drive" (but heavy on its front end). I find the FWD RDV a great vehicle for 2 kids, taller drivers (due to hits extra roof height) and it has huge rear cargo space. IMO - Great "in town" run-about vehicle for the average family. So far, glad we got this vehicle (which was used to us).

    So far, no recall request for us...
  • as for the ticking sounds , i find allot of cars seen to do that , personaly when i baught mine i was worried , i do oil changes every 5000 km , and i use a good brand 20/50 , winter or summer , i know my mecanic tell me not to use it bu i have a gmc astrovan with 575000km runs like new , all my cars i had before , was allways with 20/50 even 4 cinlander , and yes winter as well , and now my rdv 2003 cant hear a nick or a nack ,
  • Up and down the tree (meaning park to low three with nothing happening. Rev the engine out of control and click there we go / All is well/ I havnt a clue :confuse: Gonna wreck the engine having to rev it so high /
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    If you are lucky it may be something simple, like the Brake/Transaxle/Shift/Interlock down in the console area.
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