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Jeep Cherokee Hub Assembly

abulus20abulus20 Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in Jeep
1996 Jeep Cherokee 2x4. Went to Tuffy's and they said the right front hub bearing is blown. They wanted $280 for a new hub and $100 to install it. I found a Hub Assemblies online for a hell of alot cheaper. Will a Hub Assembly solve my bearing problem by jsut replacing the whole thing?


  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
  • thanks alot man.
  • You should go to Ebay and look they have one on there brand new for 54.00 i replaced mine on my 1992 Cherokee with one from napa and it cost me 75.00 and the one off ebay has a warranty too
  • thanks man. ill check it out. :)
  • I recently replaced the front axle u-joints on a 1995 Cherokee 4x4. After taking off the caliper and swinging it aside, I used a gear puller to yank the hub off (the plate with the wheel studs on it...I think it's called the hub) anyway, when the hub came off, it pulled the bearing "assembly" apart so I could see the two races of ball bearings inside it. The bearings were all OK, the races were fine, so I just cleaned it up real good and repacked it with grease, then I put it back together and it seems fine.

    For what that's worth... (?)
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