Hyundai Santa Fe Wiper De-Icer

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For some reason the book seems rather confusing. I have a 2008 Santa Fe SE AWD. Does it have the windshield de-icer and if so does it come on when you turn on defrost?



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    From what I understand it turns on when you turn the defrosters on, that also redirects the air flow to the windshield. If your Santa Fe is so equipped you can see the heater strips under the windshield wipers. This stuff is all new to me also the vehicle I replaced was a 93 so all the stuff in the 08 is like the space shuttle to me!
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    Haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, but yes, your SE has the windshield de-icer - just a wire in the bottom of the windshield. IIRC, it's activated when you turn on the REAR defroster, not the front, which also turns on the heated mirrors.
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    does the '07 limited awd have the windshield de-icer too?
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    Yes, it does.
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