Chevy Tahoe Drivers Window, lock, side mirrors not working

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Hello i could really use some of your guys help. I have a 2003 4 door tahoe and i have a weired sitution going on. The drivers side window/lock switch does not work. Only on the drivers side that i can not get the locks to work, all 4 windows, or the outside mirriors, But if i go to the other doors and try to use the locks or window controls they work fine. I purcheased a new drivers side window/lock control and that did not solve the problem. I have tryed to check every fuse under the hood and the one on the drivers side under the dash. this is really driving me nuts in to why i can not get these to work. Any of you help would be so very much appericated.

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    I don't have electrical schematics for your year and make, but have a set for my 2007 Suburban.

    They show a 25Amp circuit breaker, one for the left doors, and another one for the right doors. Can you confirm that the Left Rear window switch works or doesn't work? If it doesn't work, then see if you can find the circuit breakers, it might be called "LT DRS" in the owners manual.

    If the Left rear window is working correctly, then you will need to get a digital voltmeter and measure the voltage on the power wire going to the drivers switch. You need to verify that the switch is getting power, or not.

    This may ultimately end up being a bad BCM Body control module, but I'd have the dealership confirm that before replacing as those are non-returnable and expensive.
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    hello kiawah

    Yes the front passenger, rear drivers & Passenger windows/locks etc all work. Its only the drivers side. I purchased a used drivers side window/door locks switch as mine is all one unit and tryed that and did not work. Thank you for replying
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    Then if this was my vehicle, the next thing I'd verify is that the voltage is getting thru the wiring harness to the switch. There is a slight chance you have a wiring problem, probabaly slim, but a chance. I've had very old cars (that have gone thru a lot of door openings and closing, where the wiring flexing broke the wiring. I wouldn't expect to see that on such a new vehicle, and when that happens you would more than likely have intermittent problems (sometimes works, sometimes doesn't work), before it fails completely. So I think it is unlikely that is your problem, but I'd check it anyhow.

    Since you replaced the switch unit, with the exact same symptoms, it's unlikely to have two failed devices with the exact same unlikely that is your problem.

    At that point, you are probably looking at a failed BCM. You might try reseating the connectors on the BCM. If that doesn't resolve it, I'd pay the dealer to fix this, as you are likely looking at a BCM....but an incorrrect diagnosis can cost you the bucks of a BCM.....similar to you buying a replacement switch and that not being the problem.
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    I am having issues with my 07 Tahoe right side mirror, it will not fold but everything else works fine. Can you provide the wiring diagram for your 07 so I can check mine? Also do you know the fuse for the mirror (owners manual does not clearly saw mirror in the descriptions for the fuses).

    Thanks in advance
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    After trip to the car wash my driver side mirror will not lock back into position. How to fix?
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    I have a 99 Chevy Suburban that the passenger side mirror was removed by my wife. I won't say how. I purchased a new one. The only thing left in the area is the wires and the mounting to the door. I purchased a tester and can't verify that I have power to any of the wires on that side of the car. Now the passenger side mirror does not work either. I have replaced every fuse in the fuse block at the left side of the dash as well as under the hood with no luck. Please help.


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    I have a 99 Chevy Suburban that constantly loses water from the expansion tank. There is no sign of water anywhere when I refill the tank. Oil on dipstick looks good, no water on the driveway or on the frame of the car where the tank is located. No white smoke coming from the tailpipe. Where is it going?

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    I been searching the internet for some help to fix my wife's 2003 Suburban that has lost all the driverside door control functions just as described on your previous post by luv2cruiserccl 03 Tahoe back in October of 08. He has described the exact same symptoms that my 03 is doing, where everything on all the other doors work but the driver side controls. I was hoping maybe somebody could tell me what ended up being the cause or cure for his Tahoe?
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    Hello (myze1) i ended up after hours of testing things on the tahoe windows found that the entire drivers side window-lock was had a fault. Got on ebay and bought a used one replaced it and everything has worked great since. Please fell free to reply back and i will respond or give you my email.. Justin
  • luv2cruisercclluv2cruiserccl Member Posts: 9
    also i beleive i have the entire wiring dia that i bought online i could email this to you if it would help.
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    My issue is a bit opposite. My front passenger door window does not operate and neither does the power lock on that door (the door light is off too). All other doors lock/unlock and windows go up/down from the main control from drivers position, as well as from each individual control location for those doors.

    I've replaced one of the right door fuses and was looking at also replacing one of the right door circuit breakers. A test of that circuit breaker, however, indicates that it may still be good.

    Any ideas on what else could be happening?

    Thanks for any info.....
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    Sorry in taking so long to thank & take you up on your generous offer!... I hadn't checked this site obviously in quite a while. I'm glad you got your situation resolved with replacing the door lock, but I fear mine is a completely differant animal! If I remember correctly you were only having trouble with your door lock, whereas on mine nothing works on any of the armrest controls, windows, heated seats, door lock, mirror, & most importantly the master window lock! We ended up taking it on vacation anyway, & my four kids had fun tormenting Dad that he couldn't lock out their window controls!!... I did speak with my local Chevy dealer & he said they have seen this problem related to the BCU module locking up. He suggested pulling the fuse to that unit, to allow it to power down completely. To be honest I haven't had a chance to try it as we haven't been using our Suburban since the A.C. compressor locked up. When it rains it pours!!...

    Please feel free to contact me at my business e-mail, ([email protected]) if I am relating your problem incorrectly or you have any other suggestions!

    Thanks again!!
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    My wifes 03 GMC Yukon XL is doing the same thing on the passenger seat heater, window controls or door lock.....i have been all OVER the internet searching for even a mention of someone else having had this problem and i have FINALLY found one.....i will be subscribing and anxiously awaiting someone finding a repair for this
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    It may be a while before I get back to working on my wifes Suburban, but I will pass along the results....

    If you get a chance try pulling the fuse to the BCM on your wifes Yukon letting it power down. Replace it & see if your door recovers if functions. Let me know what results you got!....
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    I have a 2008 Tahoe Hybrid (out of basic warranty coverage) and the power door locks on 3 of my doors do not want to pop up or close. Via remote, via door panel controls, all the same... The only door that functions properly is the drivers side and the liftgate. Sometimes the passenger rear locks while on the move, but that's only sometimes. I don't get why 3 out of 4 wouldn't work. Are the actuators faulty? Does this have something to do with the power module that controls them? Anyone know the cost of this repair? Please respond... Thanks
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    I had the exact issue as the ORIGINAL poster and it was solved by performing tsb 03-08-052-001B (GM stealership computer required)

    Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Inoperative (Reprogram Passenger Door Module) #03-08-52-001B - (02/12/2003)
    Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Inoperative (Reprogram Passenger Door Module)
    2003 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT

    2003 Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe

    2003 GMC Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL

    2003 HUMMER H2

    From Start of Production (SOP) through December, 2002 for the 2003 Model Year

    This bulletin is being revised to provide the latest service information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 03-08-52-001A.

    Some customers may comment that the RKE key fob does not function, doors will not unlock from the passengers door switches, or the passenger door window is inoperative. This condition may be intermittent.


    For clarification purposes, the following information is provided. The components involved in this bulletin are known by various names. The Service Information Document ID #849813 refers to the component as the Door Lock and Side Window Switch. General Motors Service Parts refers to the components as SWITCH DR LK & SI WDO. Within this component is a micro processor that is referred to as the Passenger Door Module (PDM). Techline equipment refers to the component as the DMP Passenger Door Module. This bulletin addresses issues with the software of the micro processor in the Passenger Door Module (PDM).

    Perform the following procedure step by step (do not skip a step) to determine the proper course of action.

    Determine the production date of the vehicle by viewing the certification label on the driver's door.
    If the vehicle's month of production is prior to 01/03, GO to Step 2
    Use the Tech 2 to determine the PDM operational software release number and system calibration number.
    With the Tech 2 installed and powered up, Select F0: Diagnostics.
    Select model year: 2003.
    Select light truck;
    Select F1 body:
    Select the proper Product line:
    Select Passenger Door Module;
    Select F1: Data.
    Select F3: and record the "Operational S/W Part Number" here _______________. (If the "Operational S/W Part Number" is not displayed, go to step #4)
    Press Exit Once:
    Select F4: and record the "Cal Module 1 Part Number" here ________________
    Compare the Operational S/W part number and the Cal Module 1 part numbers for the proper repair procedure.
    If the Operational S/W part number is 15173756 and the Cal Module 1 part number is 15186199 or 15181562, use normal SPS reprogramming procedures to reprogram the Passenger Door Module (Techline refers to this as the DMP Passenger Door Module) with software from TIS version 2.0, or newer released early February 2003.
    If the Operational S/W part number is 15191371 and the Cal Module 1 software is 15186199 or 15181562, use normal SPS reprogramming procedures to reprogram the Passenger Door Module (Techline refers to this as the DMP Passenger Door Module) with software from TIS version 2.0, or newer released early February 2003.
    If the Operational S/W part number is 15202869 and the Cal Module 1 software is 15186199 or 15181562, go to step #4 below.
    If the Operational S/W part number is 15202869 and the Cal Module 1 software is 15105148 or 15105149, the vehicle has the latest calibration release. Refer to Service Information (SI) for additional diagnostic aids.
    Evaluate the vehicle options for proper operation from the PASSENGER DOOR SWITCH ASSEMBLY.
    If the passenger door window and door lock function as designed, however the remote keyless entry system is inoperative, use normal SPS reprogramming procedures to reprogram the Passenger Door Module (Techline refers to this as the DMP Passenger Door Module) with software from TIS version 2.0, or newer released early February 2003.
    If the passenger door window, door locks and remote keyless entry systems DO NOT function as designed, replacement of the Switch, Dr Lk & SI WDO is required. Refer to the Parts Catalog for the correct part numbers.
    After replacing the switch, re-synchronize the RKE key fob. Refer to the Transmitter Synchronization procedure in the Keyless Entry sub-section of the Service Manual (SI Document ID #660745).
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    ...and this is exactly why some things are not do-it-yourself anymore!

    Know when to take it to the dealership, and say 'fix it'
  • kurtibmkurtibm Member Posts: 4
    My earlier reply was/is intended to direct the original poster to the potential source of his problem. Stealerships are well-know for a) misdiagnosing an issue and b) selling you parts to replace ones that are not bad.
    It pays to have an idea about what the problem could be BEFORE you turn your car over to the masked-men.
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    If you have power folding mirrors, try folding and unfolding three times. Worked on my wife's 2004 Tahoe.
  • mcgyvermcgyver Member Posts: 13
    Trying to find why my driver window only operates intermittently. Most of the time will not close but sometimes will not open. Regulator motor, defective switch or maybe wires going through door jamb? Any ideas or past history?
  • yukon23yukon23 Member Posts: 1
    How did you get this to work?
  • shuffleshuffle Member Posts: 1
    I just experienced similar issue on my 2003 Yukon XL Denali. Lost all power to the drivers door. Not related to the keyless entry as all other doors function. Appears all fuses good, unless I missed something. Day later it seems the power off delay in the car, when ignition turned off, doesn't work either. All systems shut down when ignition turned off. Does anyone have a clue to what I can look for to correct this issue?
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    When you say 'no power'; does that go for windows, locks, mirrors, seat heater(s)?

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    The passanger window, door lock and mirror were not working on my 2003 Suburban and I replaced the Door Control Module (it cost $200.00) and it fixed the problem.
    Also, the two keyless remote controls stopped working because of this door problem and I was able to reprogrammed them by following the instructions at this webpage

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    Any assistance for 2008 GMC Yukon SLT. Driver side door module does not control anything and to make matters worse my window is stuck halfway. The fuses are good to go. The issue started back in November, if the driver door was open, I could not control the other windows from my side. Once the door was closed everything was fine. Now, the driver's side module does not work at all. Help me out, please.
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    It sounds like you have a short in the power line to that door. I had the same issue with my 2003 Yukon Denali. No power at all to the door except the speaker which means the plug to the circuit is fine but no power is being sent to the controls or light in that door. Pull back the boot on that door and tug on the wires and see if one is lose. Mine was a small dark brown wire. This is common in these vehicles and many more! Let me know what you found out and if you new any more help!
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    Like I just said to someone else I experienced the same problem in my 2003 Yukon Denali Xl. If the speaker works and turn signal in the mirror then the plug to the circuit board on the side of the dash is fine but the door Ian getting power from another source. There are lines that run to the door through a rubber boot through the door jam. Peel back the rubber boot and look for a broken or lose wire. Mine was a small dark brown wire which had broken apart. My interior lights stayed on for a while, my delay power wouldn't stay on and I couldn't control anything from my drivers side door. Also the auto lock unlock wouldn't respond on that door as well. I fixed that wire and all was as good as new! Let me know what your outcome was.
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    Hello I have a 03 cadillac escalade ext and one day I was getting in my truck and the left driver switch wouldn't work .It won't operate and of the other windows or the mirrors or will it not lock.The other windows work fine from their day I opened the driver door and slambed it and the switch started working,it did that for about 2 or 3 weeks then nothing,Please help me with this problem it driving me crazy!!!
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    I had no power to my driver side door no power windows locks or mirrors  2003 gmc yukon XL SLT I took boot off where wires go from door to under dash and found a broken smaller of the two orange wires . I spliced them back together with same gauge auto wire and power was restored to door controls and lower door light . Hope this helps save someones cash for better things. 

  • andersonjustinandersonjustin Member Posts: 2
    By the way Cost was less than $2  materials and to 15 mins. to repair  materials needed were 2 but connectors and 8 inches of 16ga. Auto wire and flathead screwdriver to release boot ends 

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    04 Suburban
    Can someone help me my window-lock-mirror switches on the driver door don't work I don't have no power the only thing that works is the spiker but all the other doors work fine 
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    I had the same problem as the original poster except on the passenger side of my '03 Yukon Denali. I noticed the problem shortly after a technician "reset the software" for my new aftermarket radio by taking off the negative terminal to the car battery for a few seconds. Another post in the thread about letting the BCM power down completely made me think to take off the negative terminal connection again but leave it off for a minute or two ...and it worked!
  • davidmillerdavidmiller Member Posts: 3
    I have faced same problem as jfig. It's still an open question for me.
  • el_chevy_guyel_chevy_guy Member Posts: 1
    Hello I had just bought a used 2003 Tahoe come to find out that the driver side door doesn't lock with remotely locking it, also the master switch doesn't functions. I wanted to ask if any of you might have a wiring diagram that I can use to help troubleshoot this. thanks
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
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    You might find one at Free diagrams, just have to register and log in. Look for the link under Tech Info.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,400
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    Here's a pdf for 1995-2005 Tahoes that might help too
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    Hello I had just bought a used 2003 Tahoe come to find out that the driver side door doesn't lock with remotely locking it, also the master switch doesn't functions.

    The wiring diagram has its place, but what you need first is a scan tool that can access the class 2 data-bus, and specifically the drivers door module, passengers door module, and the instrument cluster to check for codes and monitor data. If the drivers door module is absent from the data, and those other modules have communication code set against it then you could use the schematic to confirm the powers, grounds and communication circuit for the drivers door module. If those test OK then the most likely failure is that the drivers door module itself has failed.

    If that is the case, the new module comes without software and must be programmed once installed in the car. That means you will need access top GM's programming website as well as a compatible pass through programming tool which includes but is not limited to the GM TechII.
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    larrydebo said:
    I have a 99 Chevy Suburban that constantly loses water from the expansion tank. There is no sign of water anywhere when I refill the tank. Oil on dipstick looks good, no water on the driveway or on the frame of the car where the tank is located. No white smoke coming from the tailpipe. Where is it going? Larry
    Check the plastic connector by the heater core. I had that same issue that i had to refill once a week. I replaced that connector, it might be leaking slightly because of the rubber seal. 
  • CrazycustomCrazycustom Queens, nyMember Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 tahoe when i shut off the truck radio stays on until i open the door and hit the window switch. Then all interior power shuts off. This is super solutions?
  • Franklyn05Franklyn05 Kansas City Member Posts: 2
    I have the exact same problem with my 2004 Chevy Tahoe z71 my drivers door doesn't work no locks no mirrors no windows all other doors are good but my drivers side doesn't work can anybody help I have tried almost everything I could think of
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