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2000 Expedition 5.4 L runs like junk

jrobitaillejrobitaille Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Ford
I have a 2000 Expedition that until Sunday ran reasonably well. Sunday i started it and it seemed to Idle a little rough, took it fo a drive and got about 3 miles and it started to bog and get very sluggish. Accelerating was very slow and coming to a stop caused the engine to come very close to stalling. Check engine light came on solid and then began to flash, eventually stopped flahing and stayed on solid. pulled codes from the engine and they indicated a misfire on #3,4,7,8 cylinders, as well as the freeze frame data wich didn't say much of anythign short of it was at 163F and at 2000 rpm.
Disconnected the battery and tested: #5,6,7 and#1 coils both primary and secondary side,also tested the same injectors and pulled plugs(the only ones that were easy to get at) Next I tested: maf sensor,camsensor,tps unit, egr and controller, intake air temp sensor, head temp sensor,crank sensor. All tests were done according to Haynes manual, reconnected the battery and tested all sensors listed for incoming PCM voltage with Key on. All tests came back OK according to Haynes.
Unfortunatly disconnecting the battery has erased the codes and I cannot/don't want to drive the truck to trip the DTC's again for fear of causing more damage. I have idled it and no lights come on, but the truck is running WAY rich, it burns your eyes from 10 feet away.
I am wondering if the knock sensors could cause this problem? Any help???


  • Found it coil# 4 was shot and #7 fluctuated on the ohm meter when tested, swapped them out, put in new plugs and it runs like new.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Yay! I'm glad you got that worked out. :)

    tidester, host
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  • Haynes are a waste of paper, go on ebay and you can find a Ford DVD that is from the dealers for sale out the door cheap. it covers all Fords in the model years and has almost everything from body parts to the paint
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Haynes are a waste of paper ...

    Message #2 would seem to indicate that Haynes was spot on. But then Haynes vs. Ford DVD isn't really the issue here. :)

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  • I just thought that the DIY people would like to know that real good information is available to fix any Ford. Sorry to be off topic #2
  • You are right Haynes is usually only good for the bare basics but the one thing it does most of the "pro" manuals don't do is show you easy ways to test things, usually with simple tools we all have. Unlike the Ford manuals that love to use the " Rotunda *****" whatever tester with adapter plug bla bla bla. But you are correct the are strictly laymen manuals and for more in depth things you definately need the real deal, I usually keep one of each on hand.
    As for manuals another good source is for something like $20.00 you get a year long subscription to any vehicle you want, if you have hi-speed internet download the whole thing and you're done.
  • For anyone having problems with hesitation, or ruff idling with the 5.4, associated with a check engine light.

    I have a fleet of 36 ford 250s with 5.4 engine years 2000 to 2008, and have experienced the same problems with hesitation, and wanting to die at stops, and always ends up being a bad coil. If you look in the owners manual, they actually recommend replacement of all coils, as a tune-up, at what I believe is 70,000 miles. I now am replacing coils as a tune-up measure with spark plugs, with the coils being around 45 dollars a piece can add up, but it is better than being stuck on the side of road, running on 6 or 7 cylinders. Have also had check engine lights for bad spark plug gaps, so be sure they are right, Good luck to everyone!
  • You can get aftermarket coil sets on ebay for $90 for a V8.
  • And wanting to die at stops without any other symptoms is probably the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC).
  • Actually you can get MSD high output coils in Canada for $60 which is less than the dealer and better than the cheaper offshore units out there. Have heard of increases in gas mileage and quite a bit of throttle response and torque
  • My 2003 expedition 5.4 keeps saying coil #1 bad. I replaced all spark plugs and all 8 coils and i still get message that #1 is bad. I've replaced it 3 times and still same thing. What is my dumb butt missing? My next step is to get ripped by the Ford shop, so any help would be appreciated. I love the truck, just hate that it's not running right.
  • UPDATE: Ok, I don't understand this but I'm not complaining about it. After getting really aggrivated, I disconnected the battery and completely disconnected the computer. I was going to buy new computer, but got side tracked for about 30 minutes and needed to go somewhere. So, I reconnected the computer and the battery and the truck has been running like new ever since. No more roughness, no engine light, runs like a charm. Now I just wonder...still not complaining..but wonder.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I don't have any idea how often it happens but, as with any computing device, a car's electronic control unit can sometimes get confused. These days, the programming can be fairly complicated so these problems may arise more frequently. You may want to check with your dealer to see whether any upgrades to the software are available.

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  • ayakataayakata Posts: 14
    Hello there, please can you or anyone please kindly help with my situation? I have a 1999 5.4L expedition with the same or similar situation. I have misfire with coil #4 and I have the coil replaced but the engine light refuse to go off. I then replaced my oxygen sensors, the check engine light went away for a while. Later my #4 spark plug housing tread gone badly and the spark plug became loose and this trigger the check engine light to came back on. I have to get a spark plug housing kit from auto shop and replace the spark plug and the coil again and since then the check engine light wills sometime flashes, and sometimes it will stays on but it is currently off at the moment.

    The most annoying and big concern problem however is that the truck runs sluggish at times which is very very annoying. I have taken it to several shops but the dealer, because according to all the mechanics who has diagnosed or look at it says there is nothing wrong with it according to the test while the last dealer I visited said that I will first of all pay $150 before they can take a look at the problem. I have read several discussions on these trucks but I have never disconnected the battery on the truck before as per some people suggestion on this forum. I am just hoping that you or anyone on this forum might have a good suggestion or know exactly what I need to do. The truck however doesn’t run sluggish all the time but sometimes, and currently the check light engine is off. Please advise according. Also, sometimes the plug (#4) gets loose and has to be tightening again. Any help will be greatly appreciated
    Thanks much in advance and God bless
  • Hello All

    I have a 2000 Ford Expedition ( suv ) with a 5.4 Trinton V8 engine and it has 106,000 miles well the Sevice engine soon light started going one fr a week then off now it has been on solid for over 2 weeks and running like crap, I live in MA and have called 4 or 5 places that service the fords and have been told just to tune it up can run anu where between $1,000 to $1,800 which I can't afford at the moment.

    they keep telling me coils are bad and the list goes on and on so with me at the mercy of some good and bad techs can anyone here please help me and let me know what is a basic toonup even if all coils have to be replaced.

    thank you & I love the site.

    Bob from Boston.
  • You can go to most discount auto parts stores and they will read the code for you and tell you what that might indicate. If it is coils, and it might be, go to ebay and buy the whole set for $90 rather than the dealer where you will pay $00 each. Use the Ford plugs.
  • I have a 2000 f-350 the check eng. light is not on,no codes to read just yesterday it started hesitating at idle checked all connections,boots,etc. Replaced the IAC about a month ago,,,with no eng. light on don't know what to do,,discc. injectors,as the truck was running no difference,,,this is my work truck any info would be greatly appreciated,,,Thanks
  • It may still have codes being stored but not enough to trip the CEL.
  • I have a 2006 Expedition with a 5.4 in it. It started getting sluggish so I thought that it just needed plugs being it had 90,000 on it. That didn't fix it and the problem, which was no power, rough idle and bogging down, just gradually got worse. I decided to change the fuel filter and when I pulled it rusty water ran out of the filter. I thought for sure this was my problem so I pulled the tank and cleaned everything good. I put it back together and it still didn't fix it. It misses at idle, won't hardly pick up speed and when it does it will only go 40-45mph. The only code it has set is P0174 bank 2 running lean. I found the fuel pump was not putting up the pressure it should, changed that, and it still has not fixed it. Can someone please give me some insight on what it may be now. Thanks
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