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Dodge Durango Stereo AUX MP3 iPod

love0126love0126 Member Posts: 1
Hello, I'm interested in bypassing the factory infinity amp in my 1999 durango, and am curious if anyone has the wiring diagram for the two wire harnesses that plug into the amp unit. I have looked everywhere and can't find it! HELP!!!


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    charron_zcharron_z Member Posts: 1
    hey we r doing the same thing to our 2001 and if you go to installdr.com you should be able to find a diagram. thats were i got mine.
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    keyrosekeyrose Member Posts: 1
    NAV/CD/RADIO has no sound coming from speakers. NAV works fine, but no sound. Any ideas?
    (mute is not on!)
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    dartfam5dartfam5 Member Posts: 1
    The owner's manual says to refer to my "Navigation Users Manual" to find out how to set the clock. However, we don't have such a manual and cannot find one online. Does anyone know how to set the clock on this system? Thanks!
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    elmojr1970elmojr1970 Member Posts: 2
    We recently bought a 2006 Durango with the VES. The headphones were in it, but the remote control was missing. We can't seem to figure out how to get the movie sound to play through the headphones and still listen to the radio. Is this possible, or do we all have to listen to Spongebob? If it is possible, do we have to come up with a remote control to make it happen?
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    chryslergroupchryslergroup Member Posts: 35
    Hello elmojr1970!

    I looked through the VES radio manual and found the following information:

    The VES has a "MODE" button to switch between different sources. The system will cycle through available MODES, captured in the VES, based on devices installed in the vehicle. This MODE button is on the VES faceplate and remote control. The current active mode corresponds to an active tab displayed on the VES display. The VES and radio are capable of communicating with each other. This allows the VES to output radio audio to the headphones and the radio to output VES audio to the vehicle speakers. When the radio and VES are in shared mode, the same audio source is heard in the headphones and vehicle speakers simultaneously.

    You will want to make sure the mode is not shared so that your kids can hear SpongeBob through their headphones and you can listen to the radio from the speakers. You will not need the remote, you can use the buttons on the faceplate.

    Hope this helps.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
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    elmojr1970elmojr1970 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, Lisa! I tried the system last evening, and it worked fine for me. In prior attempts, I had been trying to go through the manual with the kids screaming in the background and my wife punching buttons at random. I was not sure what was different in those attempts than with my session last evening, but whatever it was appears to be the key to my problem. After reading your post, I have a feeling it has to do with this "shared" condition you referred to. I think if I figure out how to make it shared or unshared I will have my solution. Thank you again!
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    jforster1jforster1 Member Posts: 1

    I was looking for a plug for my iPod in my step-dads Dodge Durango but couldn't find one. When I saw the yellow, red, and white inputs on the DVD player in the overhead console for the middle seats, I lightly tried plugging the audio cord in to see if it would fit, but it didn't.

    Now the speakers won't work, no matter what mode or volume. I have tried hitting the little 'lock' button on the DVD player (which I accidentally hit first) but it still won't work.

    Any ideas what happened? My step-dad thinks it blew a fuse somehow.

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