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Complaints with Entourage: long list, seeking lemon law

the_catinhatthe_catinhat Member Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Hyundai
My 2007 Entourage Limited (VIN KNDMCXXXXXXXXXXXX) has several quality deficiency issues and reoccurring maintenance issues. The rear sliding doors (both) have been worked on several times, yet they continue to malfunction, i.e come undone/re-open, not fully latch, and consistently beep as a notice of failure. This is where my infants sit, both of them. The DVD screen has been replaced because it quit functioning properly. The van shimmies or rattles at speed around 70 mph. It causes the center console to shake vigorously. The wheels were balanced on a special wheel balancer but this only reduced the problem some. The tire pressure monitoring system has had malfunctions multiple times. The first failure of the tire monitoring system occurred right off the lot when we were taking it home. There is a whine from the steering column when the wheel is turned, the alternator is creating a whine over the stereo system intermittently(really annoying), the side mirrors have both had problems with the reverse/angle function where the mirrors motor fails to return the mirror to its user preset setting when transmission is placed out of reverse(drivers side) or fails to tilt the specified degree in reverse(passenger side). The roof leaked when the van was completely shut and had to be resealed by a specialist to correct an existing deficiency, the seal around the glass for the sunroof is degrading and cracking. The sliding rear door on the drivers side has a crimped window channel seal, which I identified recently after a servicing and the technician said "he didn't personally work on the door problem". From this service call, I found several attention to detail problems from the service departments attempted repairs. When my wife took the vehicle back in for servicing to get the seal officially looked at and some other deficiencies, she was conveniently told "we were unable to duplicate", even though the mirror, the seal and the passenger sliding door malfunctions or deficiencies were identified to the senior technician at the time of receipt from the last service call just a few days prior. The service department also stated that it would cost somewhere around $107 to repair the seal, which was either their mistake, a failure of the seal or another service departments mistake. We have done nothing but roll the window up and down and I had not noticed the crimped seal until after the servicing, that is I am saying it was not there prior to the service call. This shop also stated that they "had not seen one of these [Entourage] vans with so many problems". The door handles and rear high mount stop light had to be replaced due to the packing/shipping poly wrap ruining the chrome and plastic lens. The gasket for the high mount stop light had to be replaced later due to workmanship or material quality. The windshield cracked/failed (actually there was a 1/2" chunk of the windshield) when my wife adjusted the rear view mirror. The idler pulley has been replaced because the bearing started to fail and was causing a high pitched noise indicative of a failing bearing. The compressor for the air conditioner has been asked to be looked at at least twice because it runs when the switch for the AC is off. We were told that's how it operates because it has the AUTO feature(we don't even use this feature). I just don't buy this or some of the other explanations that either I or my wife have been given for the vans deficiencies. The interior trim pieces that constitute the vinyl gray interior stripping around the sliding doors are fading already and yellowing (we are non-smokers and no one has ever smoked in the vehicle). The headlights seem to dim or flicker on occasion, just quick enough to catch a glimpse. The roof rails have what appears to be tape marking on them in the paint. The gas mileage is well below the sticker stated values. The key was stuck in the ignition switch due to a switch failure. This was also the cause reported to us as to why the headlights stayed on and drained the vehicles battery twice. We are very frustrated with this investment that we have made in your companies product. It cost us a lot of money. We decided to purchase a Hyundai Entourage because of the stated warranty coverage, the comparable stated gas mileage, the road side assistance and the advertised quality of the product. I am a frustrated consumer with the many issues I have had with this vehicle already and it is only 2 years old with 25,000 miles on it. I have a wife who is pregnant and kids that depend on the operation of this vehicle. As stated earlier this is why we decided to purchase this vehicle and make a $30,000 purchase from your company. I am informing you of my dissatisfaction with my Entourage's quality/problems and to inform you that I will be making a formal case for the lemon law statue in the state of Florida IAW Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Lemon Law Arbitration Screening, where the vehicle was purchased new. I will also, as required, be submitting the required Motor Vehicle Defect Notification (MVDN) form to the company.


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    rob22315rob22315 Member Posts: 31
    We had one replaced under VA lemon law for failed power steering (4 times). Hyundai replaced it with a new one. We haven't had any problems since.
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    sam1011sam1011 Member Posts: 3
    I am trying at this time but refused "Buy Back" and Hyundai consumer affairs states they have not heard of these problems of doors opening while driving (15 incidents of door problems)and battery drain (7 times) plus replacement of horn, battery, windshield wipper motor, AC parts, sliding door repairs 5 times and still a problem, electrical parts, engine motor supports, steering wheel whine parts to repair, low tire pressure warning problems, all in 2 1/2 years of ownership and less than17,000 miles. I am writing to Hyundai trying to get from under this vehicle but so far no luck the state of Indiana says I had to try Lemon law with less than 18,000 miles and less than 18 months but I tried in that period of time and Ray Skillman stated I did not qualify for lemon law and the "can't duplicate" several times put me into several months advance to get past lemon law time. Huyndai is aware of safety problem and should be liable if someone does have and acciden with door open but they don't care. they would just as soon pay off a law suit as recall thousands of vehicle as unsafe.
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