Mazda CX-9 Interior Trim

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My silver paint is peeling off interior door handles and various interior trim. Is this a known problem?


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    After sitting for a few days, when air conditioning is started, a "musty" odor is first emitted from vents and takes a few minutes to clear.
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    Yeah, especially the door handle inserts. Basically, all these pieces are plastic with a silver coating that's not holding up to time or touch. Some have successfully gotten Mazda to replace; however, unless you clearcoat them or put a clear film over them, the new ones will have the same problem as the originals due to normal use.

    Can't comment on the a/c smell, mine doesn't seem to do that.
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    Are you aware of any aftermarket fixes?
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    I reported the same thing here, and on the Mazda 24/7 forum.

    Full report here...

    My dealer ordered all four replacement pieces, no question asked and is replacing them tomorrow for free.

    I sent an email (he provided in letter) into the Director of Customer Satisfaction (per the glossy marketing letter I received asking to contact him with any quality issues). Surprise....I have not heard a response, nor has he opened it (return receipt).

    Sent the same as a letter via USPS (similar to what's written in my thread on the Mazda 24/7 thread), copied his boss, the CEO of Mazda North America, asking what they can do to assure me that this doesn't happen again.

    I'll keep you posted.
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    To be fair, many vehicles today use painted silver pieces in interior.
    Those can also be found in high-end brand vehicles as well.
    The door handle pieces are, in my opinion, simply poorly located at places that are very subjective to purses, belt buckles, cell phones pouches, etc.
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    You're a regular here in postings right?

    Sorry but there is no "fairness" when you spend $35K for a new car.

    Wrong location? It's a door handle in an automobile that was designed to be passed by humans, clothing and accessories during everyday usage. Perhaps if it was used on the inside of the glove box, or under the armrest, I may expect it.

    These pieces are defective. Plain and simple.

    With even the slightest rubbing of my fingernail, the metallic paint glides off the plastic. I even made a small video with my camera to show what little pressure is required to remove the paint. This is a defect in design, manufacture, quality or some other process or product requirement along the way.

    Door handles on automobiles are designed to be handled by...... well, human hands of course. Which may or may not have nails, rings, callousses or whatever. I rarely have witnessed such poor quality on a Japanse product. Everything else with the car is just fine so that is why I believe it's a defect due to one of the reasons I listed above.

    Probably 90% of the respondants to my post reported the same problem (other Mazda forum). One said he had none. Perhaps he got the good batch, or doesn't use the handles to open and close the door somehow.

    Do you have a CX-9? If yes, is this Japanese quality that you expect for you money? Perhaps on a Kia or some other low budget US model.
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    I have 1 or 2 scratches on my CX9 door handle as well. I am just not as angry about it as you are. That is all.

    As I said, Mazda put painted plastic pieces at the wrong locations. That is the way I see it. You can find painted plastic pieces on Lexus, Acura, ....

    Yes, I have CX9 GT AWD. And, I love it. :)
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    Cheers Ceric,

    I guess my anger came through the posting huh? Yes, well I just picked her backup and she has a brand new set of cheap plastic door handles. Going to find something clear to put on them this weekend.

    Dealer replace w/o question.

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    Could you let us know what will you be using to protect it from happening? and how does your fix turn out?
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    Just found on the other Mazda message board that Mazda actually fessed-up and admitted there is a defective paint being used. A TSB was submitted.

    Complain to the dealer about the paint peeling and get free new pieces with a re-designed paint!
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    Same here, just got off the phone with local Mazda Service Mgr and he said he has a few people complaining about the same thing. He also believes the materials are of poor workmanship. My concern is that our vehicle was leased, as I am sure many others are and when returning the vehicle this type of issue could generate big bucks for Mazda. I have won (2) LL suits, (1) Mazda CX7 & (1) Pathfinder, so don't give up!!!!
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    Mazda has claimed mea culpa. The dealership will replace the defective pieces free of charge. Just mention the Technical Service Bulletin I posted above.
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    Received letter dated 30 October from admin to Director of Marketing I wrote to with my complaint. This is almost 30 days AFTER Mazda USA issues TSB on the defective paint (ie, their fault).

    They apologize for the defect and cannot assure me that this won't happen again.

    She includes two gift cards for $50 each ($100 total) towards parts and/or service at any Mazda dealer.
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    I got mine replaced free of charge after a bit of arguing with the dealer. The new ones do not seem to have a better quality :(
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