Chevy Express/GMC Savana Tire Questions

hp007hp007 Member Posts: 1
I would like to confirm if the correct pressure tires for the Chevrolet Express Van is really 80 pounds?
The tires in my 2500 Van is:Pirelli Scorpion ATR, 245/75 R16.
If I put less them the recomended the tire pressure monitor start to blink!
But with high pressure the van becames too roughf, almost impossible to drve on the city.
Any sugestions?


  • empiresempires Member Posts: 1
    I run Kellys on my van. Tire pressure in front is 55 and in rear 80. Different tire, different pressure. Check with the tire manufacturer. If I recall the pressure for the factory tires was 80lbs. Highway tires though. Best of luck. A-
  • tireman9tireman9 Member Posts: 8
    The correct tire inflation is located in your Owner's manual and on the vehicle placard.
    The tire pressure on the tires is the Max pressure needed to carry the Max Load rated for the tire.
    It is the vehicle manufacturer that selects the correct tire pressure to carry the load expected on the van.
    Are you running the van empty i.e. no load?
    Are you sure the tire size and type is correct for the van?
  • newsie23newsie23 Member Posts: 17
    Use the lower of the max pressure - on the sidewall of the tire, and the vehicle placard. Higher Load Rated tires will have the 80psi rating, on the tire. The sidewall of the 'correct' tire will match the load rating and max pressure on the placard. On a lower rated tire it is important to use the load rating and max pressure of the tire.
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Member Posts: 51
    I have a one-ton Express Van that is converted into a camper van (Roadtrek). I am considering the General Grabber HTSs as replacement tires. They have received positive reviews in a number of places, but I would like to hear from any Express Van owners who might have installed them. My biggest concern is that they have a strong enough sidewall so that wind and passing semis don't cause a lot of side-to-side instability.

    I have Bridgestone V-Steel 265s on it now and they are OK, but I want a different tire for replacement. A lot of people with camper vans don't like the Michelins because their soft ride lessens their stability. Anyone tried out the Grabbers HTSs?

  • odtrek190odtrek190 Member Posts: 1
    I know your message is old What did you do?
    My 2007 190 RoadTrek Chevy 3500 Express is to low to the ground Dragging plastic.
    Factory size tires to low! Came w/Brifgestone and has stability problem behind larger trucks.
    Thinking Michelins LTX M/S-2 and go two sizes larger than what came on it.
  • capriracercapriracer Member Posts: 905
    Part of the stabilitiy problem is how tall the vehicle is compared to how wide the track is. The long wheebase helps, but there's just no way to fully comensate for that big flat side being affected by the wind.

    And taller is not really the right direction. That aggravates the problem.
  • leftycoleftyco Member Posts: 2
    I've got a 2012 Express 3500 passenger van and rotated the tires. On-line I've seen descriptions for resetting the TPMS, but they don't work for the 2012. The manual states that a "relearn tool" is used to reset the system. A u-tube video for a 2008 Express 3500 shows the method without a reset tool used....manual method. I need to go to the dealer to have this done or is there a manual method that does not require a special reset tool?

  • leftycoleftyco Member Posts: 2
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