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2009 Chevrolet Cobalt

kochisekochise Posts: 5
edited May 2014 in Chevrolet
Hello all! I just bought my 09 cobalt LS xfe last week. I am very happy with it so far. I just got rid of a gas loving trail blazer so you know why i am very happy. I mainly got this vehicle because its what i could afford to drive around. The cost of the trailblazer much... for gas, so i am well pleased so far. I dont really care for all the plastic they use in the vehicle. I need some advice on the cleaning of this black plastic. I just put a coat of wax on my cobalt for winter. I dont know what kind of plastic they use on the outside mirror and the part at the bottom of windshield, but its really different. I have tried armour all and mother back to black and several others on this so called black plastic. I want the black plastic on my mirrors to be black and shine. The black in the bottom of the windshield where the wipers are, i cant get that to look nice. Its all chalky looking and cannot get it to shine black. I may be getting picky here, but it bothers me that this plastic cannot be shined up and look black. Its a different type of plastic i think, I have never had a car do this to me, i have always had luck with armour all. Can someone help me out on this, on what i should use. Does anyone else seem to think that this plastic is different and doesnt want to accept a shine and get black.
Thanks for your help


  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    This may sound weird, but I've heard of folks rubbing creamy peanut butter on the black plastic and then wiping it off with a damp cloth. I guess it's something to do with the oil in it that gives it a shine. Just hope you don't attract squirrels...and elephants! :P
  • Sure it isn't flat black? Flat black is flat black and can't be shined. If Black to Black doesn't do anything I'd clean it with soap and water and leave it alone.
  • Did you try "Armor all"? The only thing is that you have to wipe it off as soon as you put it on and not on hot plastic.
  • And it will take a little elbow grease to. Don't put to much.
  • The black sections on my 2009 mirrors are a "sand grained" hard plastic, with a flatter finish, due to the graining. I doubt if they could ever be made shiny. The plastic at the "bottom" of the windshield (I assume you mean where the wipers are) is a softer plastic, with a "matte" finish. Again, I don't think this can be made shiny black. This recessed area also would not be seen by most people other than looking through the top of the windshield or looking down the windshield from the outside.
  • Saturday evening (3 nights ago) I purchased a new Chevy Cobalt LS Coupe (2009). I live approximately 45 minutes from the dealership and the whole way home there was a squeaking/rattling noise coming from right behind the glove compartment or in the right/top engine compartment area (from the driver's perspective). I tried to call the dealership on the way home but they were in the process of closing when I left so there was no one there when I called. I parked it when I got home and the next day when I drove it there was no noise. Monday there was no noise either nor during the day Tuesday but Tuesday evening the noise started again and it was pretty loud. Has anyone else had a similar experience or does anyone have any idea what it might be?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 24,666
    I'd take it right to the dealer service department because they'll know what it is when they drive it. I doubt they can diagnose it by phone. Have you contacted them yet?

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • Yes I contacted them and they told me I could take it to any dealership to have it looked at. The problem is that is doesn't make the noise everytime I drive it. It did for 4 straight days and then it didn't the 5th and then it did again the next day. It happens with and without the heater on and sometimes at low speeds and other times not until I hit about 45 mph. In any case I took it to a SEARS automotive on the 5th day and since it didn't make the noise they couldn't diagnose anything. I also called another dealership and their service rep told me that the dealership where I bought the car was supposed to inspect the car before selling it. He said that if the rattle noise was tough to find/fix that he would have trouble getting $ for the work even though the car was under warranty since the original dealer didn't catch the rattle when it inspected the car. He recommended taking it back to the original dealer. To make matters worse now I have an increasingly loud vibration noise under the car (maybe in the transmission area) when I come to a red light and I'm waiting for it. If I shift back to park the noise goes away. This noise was there from time to time the first couple days but very low and sporatic. Now its getting much more noticable and happens more often. I have a friend that has a private garage and he took a test drive with me and he said that both noises "need attention".

    I'm tired of this already. I was on a trip all last week (and now have over 900 miles on the car) and didn't have a chance to deal with this situation but will this week. I'm wondering if checking the car with would be worthwhile also.
  • Make the dealer keep the car until the noise can be reproduced. Don't take no for an answer. And what on earth good will checking carfax do? It's a brand new car from the dealer. There won't be any history. Don't waste your money.
  • wikidwikid Posts: 1
    I've have the same issue...and it involves 2 things:
    1. Loose glove box hinge (located at bottom of glovebox). I've compared it to another Cobalt in my dealer's showroom and mine definitely has more movement. Open the glove box and move it should be pretty loose... the showroom car was movement at all.

    2. Warm cabin temp (room temperature...noise is a lot worse in summer). This is counter-intuitive...normally cabin noises get worse in winter due to contracting plastic parts...but in this case when it's noise...but as temp rises so does the noise. But once you get #1 fixed...#2 is none issue:)

    Hope this helps.
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