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2000 GMC Jimmy hub and bearings

fishel9294fishel9294 Member Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in GMC
I have a 2000 GMC Jimmy 4 door 4wd with 102,000 miles. About 2 wks ago I heard a "hum" coming from the front end when driving. Soft at first then increased slowly. In the past when I heard the hum, the hub and bearing have been replaced (all 4 around once, the 2 front again).

I went to get an inspection sticker and got rejected for safety reasons. I was told at the garage that they knew it was the h & b because they were able to move the tire (the truck was on a lift just off the ground) left/right when they grabbed it and it shouldn't do that. I was told not to drive it. A second opinion told me a tire that can be shaken left/right is either a tierod or sway bar. I also want to mention the front end is out of alignment.

I am afraid to drive it, but truly have not other means of transportation. I thought I smelled something burning when I got out of it earlier but am so hyper-aware that there is an issue, I am not sure.

Any suggestions on how best to proceed would be appreciated.
Thank you.


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    tech1helptech1help Member Posts: 18
    The easiest way to check if it is your hub and bearings is to raise the jimmy up,rotate the tire by hand. it will duplicate the noise as you spin the tire. Make sure you spin the tire fast as possible. then slow it down gradually. The hum will get lower and eventually stop as you stop spinning the tire. being able to rock the tire left/right used to work on older bearing assemblies,but i not very efficient on sealed bearing hub assemblies. also the bearings can go out after 30k miles. if no hum is present.I would start looking at abnormal tire wear, since you mentioned the jimmy is out of alignment
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