Deleting Emissions Control/sDevices 1992 Rodeo V6 3.1.

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Is there a way, or is there a kit available to buy that will enable me to remove ALL w/exception of CAT (exaust system is fairly new) the emissions control devices from the engine, etc. of my 1992 Rodeo and allow the engine to run say as like a pre 1973 vehicle?
Believe me as a Native American I'm all for being green but being on a fixed income as I am, at the truck's 268,000. miles these devices are failing on a regular basis and are keeping me broke (currently engine misses and stalls at low speeds around 1500 rpm and I think it's the MAP sensor).
If the above option is not a possibility, can anyone recommend a pre 1973 SMALL V8 that will fit into my vehicle without too much modification? I don't want to change tranny or rear end because drivetrain was rebuilt shortly before I bought the truck.
Thanks in advance Guys!!


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    Removal of emissions controls is a violation of federal laws (and most likely tribal ones) and also many state laws.

    And modern cars are tuned to run with cats, etc. in place, so you may wind up with a rig that runs even worse if you take them off.
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    Tx. I didn't know that. Guess I'll just have to sell it then. The turn signal problem (prev. Post.) still isn't fixed either and on what I get per month + my health issues and expenses also my Daughters and theirs I just cannot afford all of this. I only paid $800.00 for the truck and have driven it for a year or so before all of these problems hit me all at once.
    Since I can't afford payments either (or I could fix this one) I'll look for something pre. 1973-a 4 X 4 Pickup Sm-V8 W/A Camper top-The next best thing to an SUV I guess. I need something I can work on myself.
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    Yeah, it's tough. Older cars can cost lots more to keep running than what they are worth. I see a few old pickups around my area for under $1,000. Parts may be easy to come by on some of them and if you can do the labor that helps.
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