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Hello All,

Would OEM shocks and springs from a 2006 Miata fit a 1995 Miata? Thanks in advance!!!


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    I seriously doubt it...

    You're looking at Miata NC springs fitting on an NA model.

    No way.
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    I just bought a 1992 Miata with 72,000 miles on it. It still has the original shocks and springs on the car. How long will the factory suspension last before replacement? Can I replace just the shocks on the car and are struts the same thing because I got a price from Midas for Monroe struts and it was over $1,500 installed.
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    OK, I'm looking at new left over 2008 models, some have the suspension package while others don't.

    What's the verdict, is the suspension package too stiff for city streets? I drive in DC and there are pot holes here.

    16" or 17" wheels - any strong preferences one way or the other?

    I'm wheeling and dealing and may not have a specific choice, but I'm curious to hear what NC owners have to say.
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    I have a 1990 mk 1 mx5, Any ideas would be appreciated,
    When turning right I have noticed a noise like a tyre rubbing, but the tyre definately isnt rubbing, Ive checked anything i can think of but its still there, sort of a dull deep hollow kinda sound, it sounds like its coming from the front passenger side,if i take a right turn very slow its ok, but turning anything faster and its there.
    The car is an automatic 1.6 bye the way.
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    Could be a bad wheel bearing? Noise would be speed dependent, i.e. pitch increases with speed.
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    Thanks ateixeira, I found out what it was, I had checked the wheel bearings and they seemed fine, in the end it turned out to be needing power steering fluid, the previous owner had neglected to keep an eye on the obvious and important things.
    Thankfully its ok again now, but thanks for the reply, its much appreciated.
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    Cool. :shades:
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    The Miata uses shocks, not struts. At 72,000 miles (and 17 years), the shocks are likely very dead. Check out Bilstein HD (heavy duty) shocks from Expect to pay about $400 for a set of four Bilsteins. (Also check out the less expensive KYB shocks.) You will also need new boots for the shocks, at somewhere between $60 and $150 for a set of four. Add in the labor for installation, wheel alignment and headlight alignment, and you should expect about a $700 - $800 bill.

    As to the springs, avoid fooling with them unless there is evidence of damage. If you do consider replacing the springs, then you have other issues to address, such as changing the height of the car, etc. Consult an expert on Miata supension options before you think about that and prepare to open your wallet further.
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    I recently purchased a pre-owned 2007 MX 5 GT in excellent condition from a dealer in Mobile, AL. Before the purchase, I also test drove a 2010 PRHT MX 5 GT. The new car had a far more subtle and smooth ride compared to my 2007. The tires currently installed on the car are Michelin 205/45R 17 and properly inflated. I'm not going to race this car and I desire comfort more than racetrack handling. Can anyone recommend the best tires for a less jarring ride?
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    I have an 08 and also find the ride a bit stiff on DC's potholes, so I'm curious to see what people recommend.
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    Yup, silent again as it should be, I bought my car from a lady who swore her mechanic was number 1, he had looked after the car for years, or so he told her.
    Apart from no oil on the power stearing there was also hardly any in the gearbox and very little in the engine, its amazing there was no damage done.
    So much for trusting people eh, just glad i can do my own work and not be ripped off by people like him.
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    I know your post a year old. But what did you pay for your mx 5?
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