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Hyundai Sonata Initial Quality

dave868dave868 Posts: 64
edited April 2014 in Hyundai
4 weeks ago I purchased a Sonata Limited v6 with Nav. Since then I have experienced the following issues:

Harsh shifts under moderate acceleration.
Shaking at 50+ mph.
Creaking windshield
Voice command not working at all.

The creaking windshield is driving me mad. Every bump, even moderate ones produce creak after creak. It settles a litlle throughout the day, but never stops. But next morning it's back in full force.

The shaking is felt mostly in the seat, I am assuming its a rear wheel balance.

The 1-2 shifts in particular are very harsh. 2-3 is less so but still harsh. If I accelerate hard, its smooth. But I can't accelerate gently with being jolted by the shifts. It's bad enough that I suspect that it will make winter driving very difficult.

I am guessing that its just a microphone issue with the voice command. Its not that it doesn't understand me. It's that it doesn;t even hear me.

I appologize for the long winded post. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced any of these issues.


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