Metro's Anyone?

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Anyone ever own or know someone who owns a Geo
Metro? Thinking of buying a used one for work
because of the storage capacity and the great fuel
economy (44/49 MPG) but would like some fist hand


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    Yes, I would like to hear from some Geo owners also. As a passenger, I found it singularly uncomfortable. The expression "tin can on wheels..." comes to mind. So, let's hear about the positive aspects of the Geo Metro.
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    I'm the unfortuante owner of a 1993 Geo. Actually, I shouldn't give it a bad wrap. I have never had one singly measly engine problem, and I have driven that little green giant from Denver to the eastern seaboard and back three times!

    If you're considering a used metro, give the body a good look-over. I know mine is showing a lot more wear and tear than other cars. (Carlady, I think the body is actually made of tin. One time I leaned up against it with my hand and it dented. The dent is still there!)

    That said, metros are incredibly dependable cars what can hold a lot of stuff. Be wary of overloading them with heavy material, however. It sends the undercarriage too close to the road. My sister borrowed my Geo one day to move some bricks, and she ended up putting a hole in the gas tank after hitting a bump in the road. Not fun.

    Good luck!

    -Dan Pacheco
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    Hello all. I used to own a 93 Metro. I have to say it was the best car I've owned to date. I had a 91 Beretta that had me to the dealer for service 11 times in the 10 months I owned it! I unloaded that and got the Metro. Wasnt as fast but never had a problem with it. And hey, with 44mpg, you dont need to go fast!

    I never thought of my Metro as a "Tin Can On Wheels". It didnt have the same solid "thunk" when you shut the doors but for $8400 new, I never thought it would. I had it for 3 years and put 62K on it with out any repair bills.

    I traded it in on a Honda Del Sol. The Honda was nice but to be perfectly honest, sometimes I missed the Metro. I was hit by a drunk driver and basically totalled the del Sol. I'm now waiting for my new Dodge Neon R/T to be delivered. Thought about a new Metro but never like the new body style. The 93-94 body was much more "normal" looking.

    I'd say, go for the Metro. A used metro is cheap and if it was at all taken car of, will probably last quite awhile. Long live Metros! Roy
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    Thanks for the positive testimonial. Are there any other happy Metro owners out there? This is the place to spill the beans!
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    I happen to be a very happy metro owner--
    I purchased my '90 metro in december of 96--since then I've put about 14k on it with no major problems. As economical transportation goes, its incredible--get in, go, get out.
    I would definitely pick one with a 1.0 liter engine--it can go about 90 mph (though it gets rather loud over 75), achieves _incredible_ gas mileage, held most of the contents of my dorm room, can be parked extremely easily, can make a U-turn in 2.5 lanes, etc.
    The only drawbacks are
    a) they can be a bit loud.
    b) they dent easily (I bought mine pre-dented at a very nice discount)
    c) the plastic interior is a bit cheap.
    d) you die in a bad accident
    e) you can't get a decent set of speakers into them :(

    I haven't spent much time in the back seat of mine, but I don't think that it would be very comfortable. The front seat is reasonably comfortable, even for long drives.

    One lovely thing about them is that their parts ar e cheap. It is also fairly easy to do work on a metro, though I haven't had the opportunity (aside from preventive maintenence), since it hasn't had anything break.

    (the best $700 I ever spent!)
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    I am close to buying a 1998 Metro as my second car. It would replace my 1987 VW Golf, which I purchased used a year ago and needs about $1,000 worth of work. We are already saddled with a large payment on a 1998 GMC Safari Van we purchased last fall, so I cannot afford much. I need something very inexpensive but reliable, that gets great gas mileage. My second job is throwing a newspaper route so the gas mileage is very important. Any good or bad experiences about purchasing a Metro would be appreciated.
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    I own a 93 Suzuki Swift (Japanese version of metro)..I bought it has 96k miles now..
    never any has the 1.3 4 banger..great
    motor..great gas mileage..the exhaust is rusting
    now, and the struts feel pretty rough (nothing lasts forever!)..for the price, this was one very good little car...if you service it yourself!
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    moonz, I'm curious about your caveat regarding servicing the '93 Suzuki Swift yourself. Is it the cost of dealer service that concerns you or is is something else?
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    I bought my Geo in Feb. 89 and I would agree with everything said above! Absolutly the little engine that could. Further, I drove it from the west side of Orlando to just south of Atlanta on
    7.6 gals of gas! Ask me if I was impressed? I now have 96k on it and am starting to replace things (timing belt and tensioner bearring, water pump and hoses, rotor and cap, struts and disc rotors and brake pads and the radiator). Only the radiator and rotor w/cap needed to be replaced! Mine does not have air-conditioning,
    not good here in Orlando. After almost ten years my Geo is hot and dinged up and because
    of this I am considering a new one(w/air) and I do like the look of the newer hatchback. Otherwise I am sure that this Geo would go another 100K! One last thought any one who drives a Metro should drive defensively.
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