JBL AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer

magantinanimagantinani Member Posts: 2
regarding JBL 6 disc changer with 9 speakers provided as option with rav 4 sports.
i want to talk about ASL feature. when i turn it ON or OFF i don't see any difference.
i am using JBL premium player, but same feature is working on JBL base player.

i showed this to our dealer, toyota engineer, and case manager. every accepts that it is not working. when i ask for replacement, they say it is working as designed.

i asked one question, what do you mean by working as designed.
it is designed to increase volume with the speed of the car, when it is not doing then it is not working as designed.

so can you help me in checking this issue.


  • sigmasigma Member Posts: 2
    Every so often the presets on the JBL premium stereo in my 2008 Toyota Sequoia stop working. It's as if the "brain" of the unit freezes. If I hold down the power/volume button until it shuts off, when it comes back on things start working again. Sometimes it seems to take a long time (10 seconds?) to come back on, like it is "rebooting" or something.

    Also, the sound quality from the dash speakers is not good. The speakers make popping noises sometimes, especially with more "difficult" music, like Radiohead.

    Anyone else having similar issues with the JBL Premium 6-Disc, 10-Speaker system (without Nav)?
  • buyembuyem Member Posts: 5
    I own a 2007 Rav4. If I can load my phones Address Book/Contacts List will the name of an incoming caller be displayed on the radios screen? How do I get this info from the phone to the cars system? I've had a Motorola Razor and now have a Samsung Saga and neither does it automatically. Is there a list of compatible phones somewhere?
  • magantinanimagantinani Member Posts: 2
    ASL will feature will not work on premium players which has On/Off settings
    ASL will feature will work in basic players. which has low/med/high/off settings
    if you ask Toyota why ASL not working on premium they will say, you cannot notice the difference and it is working as designed. i filed case but no use.
    if you have any luck let me know
  • squashuaxsquashuax Member Posts: 6
    My 2008 Toyota Sequoia SR5 has the JBL Premium Sound System / Stereo with 6 disk changer. I already had to have the whole unit replaced once due to sound quality issues that were covered by a service bulletin. Just yesterday the CD/Aux switch stopped working. Although I can still switch from AM to FM1, FM2, or CD, it is not possible to select the Aux input, which means I can no longer use my iPod.

    I am really disappointed with "Toyota Quality," right now!

    Is anyone else having problems with their sound system?? Is there any way for a consumer to "reset" the system without paying the dealer to plug it in??
  • red_ravred_rav Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with my 2008 RAV4. It just started and I use my iPod extensively. When I press the CD/AUX button now, it doesn't toggle, just stays on CD.

    This is my fourth Toyota and I'm not concerned about Toyota quality. I still own the 1985 4WD Xtra Cab I bought when it was less than 2 years old. I've never had a problem like this with any of my other vehicles and my judgement is reserved until I determine how much it will cost me to fix it.
  • squashuaxsquashuax Member Posts: 6
    I don't think the quality problem is with older Toyotas, it's with newer ones.

    Toyota may have pushed "Lean Thinking" and "Value Engineering" too far, and made a lot of cars with thinner steel and other compromises 2006+ resulting in the kind of problems we are both having with our car stereos. I know they went so far as to not include a proper cover for the owner's manual in my 2008, and if they are cutting corners there, is it a surprise that they might skimp in other areas, such as the aux in jack? Hopefully all of the issues with braking systems and other quality problems (and people like us sharing stories on forums like this) will help them get back on track.

    Good luck with your stereo.
  • red_ravred_rav Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2012
    You may be right about the quality of newer Toyotas but I hope not. I have a 99 Tacoma Xtra cab 4WD that I haven't had any problems with either. The 2008 RAV is so nice after driving pickups for 20 years. And, I identified the problem with the AUX issue. Apparently, if there is no signal from the MP3 player, it's not reflected on the RAVs stereo display. You can press the AUX button, but it will continue to display only the CD info. My MP3 player was working, but the stereo cable that connects the MP3 player to the the audio jack in the console was the culprit. Reconnected that and all is working well. First rule in IT and audio troubleshooting, check the cables!

    I do think it's poor design to not display something like 'No signal' when the AUX button is pressed and no signal is detected. And don't get me started on the fact that the front passenger cup holder is unusable if the power outlet is being used because of the placement of the power outlet. :)
  • astroboy45astroboy45 Member Posts: 1
    Thanks for the info on the disappearing AUX mode - I was getting ready to check the fuses, but thanks to your post, found that problem was due to audio cable not plugged into audio jack. It doesn't actually require a signal on the input for AUX to display, just that a cable is plugged into the jack. Yeah, poor design - and the power outlet placement is a pain too.
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