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2009 Toyota Venza Crossover



  • rogeliovrogeliov Posts: 108
    I have extensive experience with Toyota. The company rep on the website is nothing but a talking head and reads whatever the brochures say. Go into a dealer and try to order one with no options or stand alone options that are not offered in your region or otherwise and let me know what happens. While you are there ask them to see the TVO for December and January and look over what will be built for your region. The number of vehicles and option combinations has already been determined for the next three montsh. They may try to find one that is as close to what you have and divert it to their store. But a "special order" per se does not exist in Toyota's world. Why buy the steak if you're not getting the sizzle?
  • Wife is interested in going from her Avalon to Venza. Drove a loaded one today. $38K +. Nice car/crossover. She liked the drive, and ride was a bit less cushy than the Avalon, but she did not mind. Liked alot about the vehicle, except the cheap looking plastic matte finish wood. We had a hard time getting past that after the Avalon look. Also, that Aqua speedo frame...not to impressed. But, overall, a very handy vehicle, with good lines, smooth V-6 (like all Toyota 3.5's), easy access, great build quality from Kentucky, but the price seems rather steep once loaded.
    It will be a decent seller, but she is thinking about waiting until the prices fall (and they will), or looking more at a Camry at a great deal now.
  • guy1974guy1974 Posts: 119
    I have not been able to see one of these in the flesh yet, but I have a question for those that have. Do you think three car seats can fit in the back row? My wife is expecting twins and I have a 2 year old. I am looking at tree row vehicles (Traverse,CX9) but the Venza is a little smaller and better economy (and cheaper in I4 mode) so I would like to go with this if possible. Comments welcome.
  • dm1212dm1212 Posts: 59
    I have a few reccomindations.

    I would say absolutely no on the Traverse. We bought an 07 Acadia and the power steering went within the first 4 months. The transmission is not responsive, and the car lacks power especially when climbing hills. Will not have it much longer.

    For a 3-Row Crossover I would say the best buy is the CX-9, were looking at one before I got the Acadia, wish I got it instead.

    Also, the Audi Q7 is a rather nice truck, and will get your kids around safely. The car feels like a tank. I love Audi products, my 05 A6 is amazing.

    For a 5 Seater I would buy an Edge. Affordable, good reliability, nice handling, good amount of horsepower, and buying an American Made car helps our economy.

    I wouldn't buy the Venza because its on its first model year, and before our Acadia we had a Sienna and the run-flat tire censor didn't work, power sliding doors never closed completely either. Also, why give TOYOTA business? Don't make the same mistake we did!

    Good Luck
  • Have you checked out the Ford Flex.

    My wife took one look at the outside of that and said "What were they thinking!?". Since we are in agreement on that point - Flex is DOA at our house. Ford calls this a polarizing design and I guess that is one word for it. I think I've got a better word - UGLY. Ever see the Chevy Case movie Vacation? Remember the family truckster? Nothing else about the Flex could possibly redeem it after the design team wrecked havock with the exterior.
  • dm1212dm1212 Posts: 59
    I have to agree, the Flex looks like a herse, and is hidious, but does have nice reviews.
  • For a 5 Seater I would buy an Edge.

    Having looked closely at the Edge, I see a lot of cheap content in that vehicle. 'Chrome clad' wheels, now offers just heated seats - used to offer heated and cooled, and the list goes on. Option it up and it isn't so inexpensive any more, and neither is it so effecient.

    I wouldn't be afraid of the Venza on a first model year. It is build on the Avalon platform, and that vehicle has been around for some time. I would say, the question is going to be will the dealers, deal on price?

    I do have to agree with your point about it helping the US economy, and that is why I get SO upset with the domestics like Ford for what I feel is metering out the new tech - like Ecoboost (this isn't even new tech). WHERE IS THAT?!! It has been talked about for FOREVER and a DAY (to me), yet WHERE are these motors in vehicles? Nowhere, that's where - the one thing that might have at least gotten me to look at this set of wheels is nowhere. It is vapor in the mist as far as I can see.
  • Ford Edge: I like the Ford Edge except for the gas mileage and the interior styling is awful in my opinion. The Venza is way better on both accounts.
    If you look at the reliability ratings of Toyota cars even in the first year, they are usually quite good. The Venza has a lot of components from the Camry/Avalon family and these are some of the most reliable cars you can buy.
  • I would say, the question is going to be will the dealers, deal on price?

    It looks to me like the pricing is starting to come down already. At first the Venzas listed here were around 4-400 under MSRP. Now the discount seems to be much more substantial:
  • dm1212dm1212 Posts: 59
    The gas mileage isnt that bad, considering it has 265 horsepower, the interior is alright, the seats are nice.
  • dm1212dm1212 Posts: 59
    I just went to look at the Venza on the Toyota website. 29MPG is impressive, I had no clue it was that high, but FWD is useless, what does the AWD 4 cyl and V6 get? It actually is a good looking vehicle, although it looks small.
  • Venza AWD I4 = 20/28
    Edge AWD V6 = 15/22

    That is a rather substantial difference. Yeah, I know I'm comparing a 4 to a 6, but it's not my fault that Ford doesn't make a nice smooth 4.
    Geeze, the Edge's mpg is no better than the Ford Explorer.

    Interior is mostly a matter of opinion so it isn't worth arguing about.
  • rogeliovrogeliov Posts: 108
    "Liked alot about the vehicle, except the cheap looking plastic matte finish wood. We had a hard time getting past that after the Avalon look. "

    So you prefer the "real cheap looking plastic" on your Avalon over the "at least tries to look real" plastic on the Venza. Hmm. Interesting.

    What's wrong with the price? Is the vehicle not worth 38k or you weren't shown 38k of value?
    So other than the "cheap plastic and the 38k price tag" would you buy one?
  • rogeliovrogeliov Posts: 108
    It's going to be difficult for dealers to hold the price on the Venza under this current market climate. I'm still amazed they decided to introduce it in the slowest sales part of the year. It seems to me they did the same last winter with the Sequoia and the Landcruiser and sales were nothing to write home about on either model if I recall. But hey, that's why they are raking in the money and I'm not. ;)
  • rogeliovrogeliov Posts: 108
    I just "built" an 09 Ford Edge on Ford's website and even with their "employee" pricing offers it's an expensive vehicle. A limited FWD comparably equipped to a top of the line Venza comes in at $37,504.00 I don't see anything wrong with the Venza's price point. ;)
  • mary99mary99 Posts: 65
    The only thing worse than cramming three car seats in one row, for me, would be cramming three kids in one row when they're old enough to pester each other. For a family of five, I'd get a third row.

    So the Venzas are in some showrooms now?
  • rogeliovrogeliov Posts: 108
    The first one rolled off the assembly line on monday. They are due at showrooms on friday or first week of december.
  • The first one rolled off the assembly line on monday.

    They've been building them for some time now, our local dealership had one scheduled for production on the 11th of this month. My guess is, they have been shipping for quite a while, though will be widely available for dealerships in early December. Some dealerships I am sure have vehicles on the lot now.
  • what does the AWD 4 cyl and V6 get?

    I4 - 20/28 city/hwy
    V6 - 18/25

    I would say that is pretty good for an AWD vehicle, and likely due to lower mass and a lower aerodynamic profile than some of the other large crossovers.
  • In general, the safety of third rows is low, and the frequency of rear-end crashes is high. Plus the third row takes away most storage capacity. Plus, I am blessed to have 3 kids who actually play well together in the back. Lots of signing of songs and word games. All without a DVD!
  • I've noticed a few folks wish the Venza had heated AND cooled seats. Me too, but I don't have young children in the car very often (though we do have a new grandchild on the way!). However, be careful what you wish for - most of the cooled leather seats I have seen are made with perforated leather. They are really neat until you accidentally spill something on the seat (like milk, perhaps). Any spilled liquid will quickly find its way through the perforations and soak into the foam of the seat cushion, where it will remain forever! Now some liquids, like water, don't really smell too bad over time. But others, like milk, baby barf, and some others will become a permanent reminder of the day the spill occurred. Unlike that fading new car smell, some odors just never go away. The good news with the Venza is that the two available leather colors are very light (ivory and light gray), so these won't get nearly as hot as dark leather - thus cooling is not a necessity.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    I would take a broken run flat censor over a power steering problem any-day. You may have had problems with your Toyota but fact remains most Toyota products are more reliable then GM products, so my question to you is how will you help the economy by buying American Made when repair costs take a bite out of your wallet. Second, we are witnessing how GM and the unions have run their company to the point that they are asking for tax payers money to survive! Hello! Dear folks at GM please make a better product and I will buy it. What I don't buy are the wages unskilled blue callers have been getting for sub par products.
    Good luck is what we need
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    My bad, I was thinking Edge since this is the Venza forum. The Flex is a larger 3rd row bus.

    The CR reliability report lists Toyota #4 and Ford #17 so I am still calling you on your statement that Ford is ahead of Toyota.
  • accidentally spill something on the seat

    True, true, though you only generally have to worry about this with front seats. I hope in the case of baby barf - we don't have any Brittany Spears imitators anywhere else in the world.

    Febreeze can do wonders for lingering odors, but one would hope that caution would prevent the need for that wonder fix.

    won't get nearly as hot as dark leather - thus cooling is not a necessity.

    These types of seats actually don't work very quickly, like electric heated seats do. The cool off is gradual - relatively speaking - and the main benefit is comfort over a long drive. I had these in an Expedition I owned previously and they were great. Not terribly expensive to offer either, and THERE is the mystery as to why Toyota isn't serving them up in the Venza.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Anyone know what the AWD system is? Is it the same as the Lexus RX 350?

    Just tried the configuration tool on the Toyota site and it let me configure an I4 FWD but it wouldn't let me configure an AWD I4. They are going to produce an AWD I4 aren't they? I am in the SF area. I tried putting in a zip code for Lake Tahoe to see if they would allow one there and got the same result.
  • I'm 99% sure it is the same AWD system on the RX and the Highlander.

    The website won't let you build that vehicle configured that way until they are producing that model (late January 09). You can however build that model on the Carsdirect site, which will also provide you will the ever useful invoice total.
  • guy1974guy1974 Posts: 119
    Thanks for your reply, although I would note that the Acadia was in its first model year so some problems are to be expected. Looking at reliability on sites like the Lambdas are reasonably reliable and better in the second year.
    I would like to buy American to support the economy and a third row may be a good idea with three children. The Venza has a 30 cu feet trunk whereas the Traverse has 24 with the 3rd rom up or 64 cu ft with it down.
  • guy1974guy1974 Posts: 119
    Has anyone on this forum actually sat in a real production ready Venza? If so are the rear row wide enough for three adults?
  • rogeliovrogeliov Posts: 108
    I should have qualified my statement. "First one rolled off the assembly line on monday november 10th."
    They are sitting at the port waiting for Toyota to give the word and ship them to dealers.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yes I have. In our regional ride and drive we got to test several Venza's vs the Edge, CX7 and the Murano. Inside it 'feels' larger than the rest and it feels wider than a Highlander but essentially it's the same inside as the Highlander. The two vehicles are off similar platforms with similar dimensions.

    Sit in the first two rows of a Highlander and you'll be sitting in a Venza.
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