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Pontiac Montana

wlhwlh Member Posts: 1
I have a 1992 Pontiac Transsport. Despite all the
dustbuster comments and the mediocre Consumer
Reports reviews, I am really happy with the van and
have had virtually no costs except for routine
maintenance. The van has 67k miles and now I'm in
the market for a new one. I really like the 34
pound seats for easy removal when I need to take
them out so I am first focussing in GM minivans.

Has nayone made the switch from the pre-1997 GMs
to the redisgn? Any experience, comments?


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    PeggyPeggy Member Posts: 8
    Hi wlh! Welcome! Glad to see that you've joined us in the Vans conference. I'm Peggy, your host in this area. Although I don't have the personal experience that you're looking for, I'm sure that someone will come along who has. Be sure to check in for an update.
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    JuliuslawJuliuslaw Member Posts: 1
    I am in the process of buying an 1997 Pontiac Transsport 4 door extended minivan. I like to hear from the current owners' comments regarding the reliability and performance. Thank you very much.
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    PeggyPeggy Member Posts: 8
    Welcome Juliuslaw!

    It is nice to hear such a positive comment on the '92 Transport's reliability from wlh. It would be great to find out if more recent purchasers of that van have had the same experience on good reliability and performance.
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    masker2masker2 Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone! I'm in the market for a mini-van and have always owned pontiac's. Can anyone tell me about the new Montana's vs the Pontiac transport. Is the only difference the all weather traction? I haven't had much of an opportunity to get feedback from other mini-van owners. I'm only 27 with a husband and 20 month old and it seems a little yuppyish but we travel to the in-laws and turning around to take care of the baby gets really old for three hours. Please give me some feed back about the pontiac transport & montana.
    We also are considering a Plymouth or Dodge grand caravan. Info is appreciated on any
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    JeffTJeffT Member Posts: 2
    We are considering the 97 or 98 Pontiac Trans Sport and would be interested to hear from any current owners.
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    Craig100Craig100 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I am in trying to decide between a used Pontiac TransSport and a Ford Windstar. If anyone has any opinions about how the two cars compare, I would be grateful.

    Reliability, comfort, power, handling, are important to me. Thanks.
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    LarryLarry Member Posts: 2
    My family had a Transsport for 5 years now. We travelled with two kids (now 7 and 10). The individual seats allows for real convenient seating arrangements, especially if you bring a lot of kid supplies. I would recommend the individual seat arrangement,
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    jmaclaugjmaclaug Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking at minivans now, in particular the Pontiac Transport Montana. On visuals alone, it has the best looks, Chyrslers are blobs, and the Ford is just vanilla looking.

    Test drove it and the Astro/Safari - what a huge difference. The Safari bounced us all over the road while the Pontiac handled the rough smoothly. I still havn't driven the Chrysler's or Ford's and would be interested in other's handling comparisons.

    One complaint on the Montana, why the heck do they require dark-tint windows with some options. The whole purpose of a window is to be able to see out, not feel like your inside a panel van!
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    bordercolliebordercollie Member Posts: 1
    I am looking at the Chevrolet counterpart, the
    Venture. The Venture, Oldsmobile Silouhette
    and the Pontiac Transport are all made at the
    same factory (I believe I am correct on that.
    Please let me know if you know different).

    Please realize that the 97 Transport and Silouheete are completely difference cars/vans than the year models before this. I don't think it would be wise to compare.
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    PeggyPeggy Member Posts: 8
    Not knowing how much information you already have I thought that I would add an Edmund's link in here which will allow you to do a little research on the
    various models which you mention. Not only will you have access to articles about '98s, but you can also look into 97s for a little comparison.
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    FredFred Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a 97 4dr extended Montana. The Montana is just an option pakage of the Trans Sport. Dark windows? My engineering background tells me they're first to jack up the price a little bit and second to help the AC system keep up with the heat load...more sunlight through the windows means more heat energy inside the van. Very satisfied with the power of the 3.4L V6...plenty of juice to move around when needed, not like the wimpy engine on the Venture we drove. I like the load leveling suspension and the traction control systems. The wife likes the set-up of the whole interior, especially with the captain's chair seating option we got. Late year deals from the dealers trying to sell the 97s are getting good...getting to invoice before taxes and fees is very easy (look in Auburn if you're near Sacramento, CA). Overall, the best van on the market right now...even good enough to lure the wife away from a SUV. What else do you want to know?
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    helmreichhelmreich Member Posts: 1
    I am looking into a Transsport basicaly because I need 8 seats and like the power sliding door. Two questions:

    1) Do I have any other 8-seat options in any other TRUE minivans?

    2) The Middle row of seats (3 seperate modular "buckets")were VERY uncomfortable when I checked out 1997 model. Has this been addressed for 1998? Has anyone else noticed this problem?
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    BrianNBrianN Member Posts: 2
    As was mentioned earlier, the Silhoutte, Transport, and Venture are identical vans - in regard to the interior, options, powertrain, etc...the only differences are outer cosmetics and the different equipment packages. They all have 8-seating options.

    Lousy seats.....they're still the same for '98. Unless you go for the Captain's chairs - but then you limit yourself to 7 seats. I am considering buying either a Venture or Transport, but am extremely bothered by how uncomfortable the back seats are.
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    BrianNBrianN Member Posts: 2
    Ok...let's scratch that last comment of mine. I just read Edmund's review of the '97 Transport and it said that is the only minivan on the market that offers 8-passenger seating.....I regress !

    It's likely nothing has changed for '98....but I guess reading the '98 reviews might answer that one !
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    JamezJamez Member Posts: 1
    Can the integrated child seats be moved to the back row? (So I could put the younger kids in middle and older kids in back) Thanks.
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    CPWellardCPWellard Member Posts: 1
    I read with interest on the UNCOMFORTABLE rear seats in the GM Minivans, including the TransSport. Consumer Reports claims that GM raised the seats higher in the 1998 versions, and the improvement IS noticeable. I'm 6' 1" and the low, flat seats were uncomfortable in the 97 version, and tolerable in the 98 TransSport. I STRONGLY agree that the 7 passenger captains chairs are still the BEST seating option!

    Additionally, I've driven three Montanas and two of the three had MANY squeaks and rattles. ALso, the plastic looks pretty cheap, but then I'm used to Hondas, so my expectations are very high.

    By the way, check out www.hwysafety.org for the 40 mph offset Crash Test of the GM Minivans - pretty awlful results! The TransSport folded up in that crash test.

    Also, you may want to consider the reliability issue of the GM minivans... According to Consumer Reports, the GM minivans have a very dismal Much Worse than Average repair record.

    MY VERDICT: The styling may be nice (especially the Montana), but the POOR (!) Crash Tests and Reliability Record makes me VERY cautious!

    Hope these opinions help out...
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    3mmms3mmms Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone out there have any opinions and specific information/experience with the reliability, maintenance and safety of the Transport or Silhouette. If there has been a history of reliability or maintenance problems could you detail. I have found general reference as consider "the reliability" factor but nothing specific....(Look at the Dodge Caravan/Chrysler comments for comparison). The specifics help.... And I need feedback information.) I drove the Silhouette and liked its handling... I'll probable test the Transport, today. I also drove the Sienna and like the assumably Toyota reliability factor. But, Siennas' are either non-available around here (LA, So-Cal.) or dealers have attitude, are nonnegotiable and price Siennas at "premium prices" $1700-$2000 above "their" dealer invoice. (another story, unless the internet invoice prices are wrong as the dealer(s) insisted). Thanks.
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    soodiensoodien Member Posts: 3
    I am in the process of negotiating a 97 Transport SE 3 door. Has quad seating, Cd, power everything--only missing the rear heating and air controls. can anyone give me an idea of how imperative the back controls are for an extended van? The salesman says we should have them, but of course, they cost... Also, they are quoting me a price of $21,700. Does that seem like a goo deal for the end of the year? Any help (preferably quickly) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    98XLTSP98XLTSP Member Posts: 2

    i posted for you on the Sienna board.

    NOTE:: Microsoft is having major problems with the auto-pricer. I've been in constant contact with them and they tell me it should be fixed this week. You will not get an accurate price on AP, trust me I know!

    I have never seen "GM buying power". Any refence to "CMI" packages? Look in Kelly Bluebook (www.kbb.com) prices for CMI package Transports. CMI means (i think) "consumer marketing ______"

    KBB has two CMI paackages for the 98 Transport. Maybe this is it??

    The 3400 you are referring to is in options. Copy and paste this URL and it will get you to what I think you have. Just add up the options you mentioned and see if it adds up to the MSRP:


    We like the Venture over the Montana ONLY because of the front seats. They are a bit too short for us. I wish the went about 2" closer to my knee. See the Sienna board for more comments.

    I added the CMI package plus what you listed and came up with MSRP = 26330...darn..I tried.

    SOODIEN---sounds high. a local dealer has a loaded 97 Montana 4 door that i should be able to get for 22000, remember, it's already 1-1/2 model yrs old already

    just my .02 worth

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    98XLTSP98XLTSP Member Posts: 2


    go to www.kbb.com and start from scratch. the zip code in which you live may have some effect on the pricing..i'm not sure

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    jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    To 3mmms

    In addition to the base price and options you mentioned, the Montana package ($1,010) with the 1SD package ($1,640) plus destination ($570) gets close to the figure your referring to. Edmunds does list these items under the options section. Hope this is of some help.
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    3mmms3mmms Member Posts: 3
    To 98XLTSP and jboater

    Thank you for your help in trying to figure out these prices. I believe that the pricing is sufficiently complicated that it is not meant to be simple, clearly understood or made easy to calculate.... (The Chevy, right now is the easiest, the Silhouette more challenging and the Transport/ esp., Transport Montana, impossible). Yesterday, hubby and I searched most of the day for a van. Went to at least 5- 6 different dealerships. ( A van marathon search)... I have narrowed it down from the Sienna to one of the GM products (Chevy or Old's) , based in part, on your and other's great input and my daughter's and hubby feed back and van availability. Now, if I can find the right price and a dealer willing to bargain on the price. At one of the dealerships, I found out a reference to " GM Buying Power". This was at Browning Oldsmobile in Cerritos, Ca.. . In the dealership was this huge (at least 3 and 1/2ft. x4ft. with 2 -2/2 inch lettering ) sign designating its pricing policy. It seems that " GM Buying Power" means that the GM corporation has determined certain automobile and option packages pricing returns, which are suppose to reflect a reasonable (fair) cost, a (fair) return or profit to GM, (fair) return to the dealer and yet also be a ( fair ( ha- ha) price to the consumer .
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    3mmms3mmms Member Posts: 3
    To 98XLTSP and jboater

    Thank you for your help in trying to figure out these prices. I believe that the pricing is sufficiently complicated that it is not meant to be simple, clearly understood or made easy to calculate.... (The Chevy, right now is the easiest, the Silhouette more challenging and the Transport/ esp., Transport Montana, impossible). Yesterday, hubby and I searched most of the day for a van. Went to at least 5- 6 different dealerships. I have narrowed it down from the Sienna to one of the GM products (Chevy or Old's) , based in part, on your and other's great input and my daughter's and hubby feed back and van availability. Now, if I can find the right price and a dealer willing to bargain. At Browning Oldsmobile in Cerritos, Ca., I found out a reference to " GM Buying Power". In the dealership was this huge (at least 3 and 1/2ft. x 4ft. with 2 -2/2 inch lettering ) sign designating its pricing policy. It seems that " GM Buying Power" means that the GM corporation has determined certain automobile and option packages ( MSRP) pricing and returns, which are suppose to reflect a reasonable (fair) cost, a (fair) return or profit to GM, (fair) return to the dealer and yet also be a ( fair ( ha- ha) price to the consumer . The "ultimate" gist of the message was "the prices are what they are and are non- negotiable" euphemistically referred to as a no- hassle pricing. ( I wonder if all of GM is moving in this direction; first with Saturn and at least with this Old's dealer or if this is just one (non-Saturn) GM dealer trying to do the Saturn thing. Also, I'll bet you anything that if you add up invoice cost of the items you'll find a 12 %- 15% profit margin,including dealer hold backs.) I would want to and suggest to anyone to double check figures for accuracy and to verify the "buying power" or package option/offering by any automobile dealer. The figures for base invoice price and options for the Chevy were more simple, straight forward and came out about right. However, the Old's Silhouette had more complicated package option offerings. I used dealer costs indicated on the internet for each of the option items designated in two different packages offered in the GM buying power or preset packages. If the figures I found/used were correct, there was a difference of $250 in one and almost $500.00 in another from what the total would be if you took the invoice cost of the van and added in the cost of each additional option, one by one. The Pontiac's Transport and Montana packages are so generally (vaguely) described and package offerings, so complicated, that it is impossible to relate it to an index and be certain that each item was the same or be able to ascertain that the prices charged actually reflected the goods obtained. Also, I could not find a complete or thorough base index of options and their costs to use. (I wonder if this is also why you nor I can get the figures for the Montana to jive; but had the ($500 + differences). .... I like the grocery receipt ticket, thank you, where each item is itemized and the price is clearly shown. I hope that there is some alternative to this GM Buying Power thing, the package options offering and to the non-negotiable pricing, as I don't see how they are really going to be good for us, the consumer... Also, I really don't understand how dealers can refuse to negotiate a lower price for the automobile.
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    SP8SP8 Member Posts: 2
    After driving a '94 Pontiac Transport for some time, I have experienced very few minor problems - the biggest one being I had to replace battery in remote. Any Chrysler or Ford drivers able to match this? Forget about Consumer Reports biased testing. Check out how many drivers they have to test drive the many , many cars they say they test in so short a time. Baloney! Motor Week tests a few but over quite a bit of time. I have more trust in this Town Hall Owner's report.
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    minivanmanminivanman Member Posts: 3
    Some of the comments in this topic are scary! I am in the process of buying a minivan. The crash test results, consumer reports frequency of repair records, and the list of problems that the previous "chatter" wrote about in a 1200 mile-old Transport make me closer to the Sienna . Are experiences with the Olds Sillouette the same? better? worse?
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    frankkfrankk Member Posts: 35
    Overall we liked it. It had a powerful
    engine. We did, however, have many reliability
    problems with it. At around 20K miles it
    started consuming oil at an alarming rate
    (fixed under warranty). I would say that
    on average it was in the shop for warranty
    work once a month.

    The power sliding door is a great feature,
    and I am suprised that Toyota is the only
    other make to offer this feature.
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    kenathenskenathens Member Posts: 1
    We are looking at minivans and have test drove about all of the models. We like the Honda since the middle window rolls down and the Pontiac for the engine and ride and traction control (and the middle windows at least crack open unlike the Caravan and Sienna). Worried about Pontiac reliability and have read the responses above.
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    minivanmanminivanman Member Posts: 3
    Do you think there is variation amoung the GM "family"? Is the Olds more reliable? Mechanically it is the same, but is there a build quality difference?

    I have looked at both the Silloutte and the Montana. Clearly aimed at different demographics. The Montana is more sporty, but not as "finished" looking inside. The leather seats also seem nicer in the Olds. My wife likes the exterior looks of the Montana better, though.
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    soodiensoodien Member Posts: 3
    Just bought a 98 montana three weeks ago. Love the way it drives. Have had a few problems though. During the first week, the radio died. Since they were back-ordered, the dead radio remained in my car. During the following two days, I had to have the van jump started twice--seems there was a short in the radio which drained the battery. The dealer was able to fix all the problems and so far (knock on wood) there have been no problems (which is good considering I only have 700 miles on it). I have a three year lease on this van---I may be back to Volvos in 2001.
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    BACBAC Member Posts: 1
    I had a 96 Windstar 2 Yr lease. We are now looking to buy the Transport Montana. We looked at the 98 Windstars and although they are cheaper to buy,the Transport diff has a nicer look. The Windstars quality in our opinion has dropped. Ford wet cheap with the new vinyl/cloth seats use to be all cloth. Cup holders look and are made cheaper. We owned a Windstar GL-loaded and compare the Montana to the GL. Over all the GL's quality was cheaper center console had gaps between dash and console . Aluminum wheels aren't as nice either. But, I do have to say the Windstar was a GOOD van. Ford has just dropped a notch with quality and apperance and lost our business and they couldn't offer 4 door access either.
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    artexzakartexzak Member Posts: 1
    I am looking for input on the Montana or Silhouette. My lease of 96 Windstar is over in
    March. I love the van, never had any problems with it. It is solid and powerful. But I have over $5k
    on my GM card and a dilemma.
    Looking for moral support (or warning) in buying the above vans! Please HELP!
    Thank you.
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    pimmopimmo Member Posts: 2
    I am looking for some opinions from current 97/98 Transsport owners:

    If you have the 2nd row captains chair option, will they safely hold a baby seat?

    On the models without the optional rear A/C, are there heater outlets in the rear?

    Is the CD/Cassette option worth it?
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    minivanmanminivanman Member Posts: 3
    Dear Soodien-
    Thanks for your message. Frankly, it is this type of thing that has me most concerned. I have had a Volvo myself before (wagon with over 140k miles, sold it to a FRIEND!, who kept it for another 75k miles). I now have a mazda mpv with 130k on it, and still runs well. I hate to spend money on something that will not last me a good 8-10 years. I like most of what I see in the GM products, but the reliability still has me scared.

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    soodiensoodien Member Posts: 3
    you're very welcome. Have had no problems in the last week... I really do like the way the transport looks and drives, but I am pretty sure I wouldn't buy it again. Just don't have that feeling of reliability I did with the volvo. Now if Volvo could only design a car that would have enough leg room for my two almost 6 foot kids and my 6'6" husband!!! Good luck.
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    mecmec Member Posts: 3
    We are considering the Transport after test driving the Chevy Venture. Their main fault is you need to be a contortionist and VERY strong to adjust the passenger side seat. They do not even have an option of an electric seat for those of us with arthritis or are getting older every year. We will test drive the Transport tomorrow. Because of poor service with our Mercury we are not interested in that product. Are their any thoughts on the seat problem?
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    bgraczykbgraczyk Member Posts: 1
    Just got back from a week in Orlando. Had the pleasure of renting a 98 Transport. We hauled 5 adults & 2 infants for 500 miles. Only complaint: no cupholders for 2nd row.

    Had lots of power & handled great. Since it only had 1200 miles, It was in great shape & we did not experience any reliability problems.

    We have now decided to lease 1 of the 3 GM mini's.
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    JRChoccoJRChocco Member Posts: 7
    minivanman/sodien- I have 1988 Volvo740 Turbo with 511,000 miles on it. I have never had a day of trouble and iwll NEVER part iwth it- now only if they'd make a mini-van!

    mec- If you are stuck on getting one of the GM vans I would try the Oldsmobile Silhouette. I belive it offers a power passender seat. If you're willing to look at other, go look at the Chrysler Town and Country which nots only has power but heated front seats also! :) MY only concern is recommend the GM vans other then reliability is the dismal crash test performance. In the off-set crash the front dummies were basically killed. I just tend to want my family to be safe.

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    summersjsummersj Member Posts: 1
    we bought a '98 Transport (now have 1200)miles and we have been very pleased.....we receive many compliments on the styling and looks of the van (it is a Montana package)......the van has a great amount of power due to the V-6 engine ....we bought the 8 passenger seating package although we wanted the captain's chair package at first. We are glad we obtained the 8 passenger seating because we move children all of the time and it has been invaluable...entry into the rear seats is easy. Those that are concerned about reliability should purchase full warranty package. We did research and comparisons on this website and the Transport was our winner !
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    JRChoccoJRChocco Member Posts: 7
    It was barely number one, only one point seperated the 4 vans. Having participated in that review you are talking about, some of the other editors at C&D and I, felt it should not have won because of it's poor crash test performance. It is after all not a sports car and a family hauler.

    "The Roaming Host"
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    drpopcorndrpopcorn Member Posts: 1

    Maybe some of you have some experience with dealers on the new 98 Transport Montana's.

    I have done all my research and have come down to buying time. Have gotten one quote from autovantage at $250 over invoice but have not had a chance yet to see the dealer and find out if the price is quoted after deducting out the 3% dealer hold back and the "advertising fee". All the "experts" seem to say that you can by from a dealer with out paying for those charges.

    A local dealer has agreed to sell at 250 over invoice but will not budge on taking out the 3% holdback and advertising. This adds up to almost $1100-1200.

    Has anybody had any luck in getting the vans or any other cars with out paying for hold back and and advertising.

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    HumHum Member Posts: 2
    I am the owner of a new 1997 Trans Sport. On the whole, I have been very pleased with the car. Unfortunately, the battery was dead after 241 miles. The dealer said that the battery was defective and replaced. Then at 1270 miles the battery was dead again. Originally, the dealer said they put another battery. After discussing the case with the manufacturer, the dealer later said that the battery was not replaced, but recharged. The mileage of my is now 1470. The car is running OK this time. I am interested to find out if any of you have any experience with any chronic electrical problem with the Trans Sport 1997. Please help!!!
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    shine49shine49 Member Posts: 1
    We are interested in buying the 98 Transport regular length. We were wondering which seat configuration is best for the middle to get adults in the rear seat? Also we live in Northern Illinois and were wondering if we should consider the rear air and heater. Our dealer said with the regular length that it wasn't necessary. Also what color is the best for not showing dirt?
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    gpedengpeden Member Posts: 1
    Haven't you heard? These things are death traps!

    Check out:


    download and watch the offset headon crash test movie......

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    jurobijurobi Member Posts: 1
    If you check the NHTSA site (www.nhtsa.dot.gov) you will find that the NHTSA rated the driver side for '98 GM minivans as 4 stars, ahead of everything except Windstar, Sienna and Mazda. The video test was a '97 Transport.
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    retoreto Member Posts: 1
    Your are mixing up two independent crash tests. The GM minivans showed a pretty good picture in frontal crash tests, but they performed extremely poorly in offset crash tests. So its up to you what you think the odds are that you get hit offset in a frontal crash ...!
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    minnowminnow Member Posts: 2
    bought a '97 transport in march '97. has 2nd row
    captain's chairs, tow pkg, pwr.driver/pass seats.
    now have 12,500 miles. not any serious problems but several minor problems such as turn signal indicator light not activating from time to time; the plastic front bumper/shrowd loose and rattling, windows rattling, sliding drivers side door out of whack leading to "door ajar" light to stay lit and power lock not to work; wiper arms replaced due to snow/ice buildup causing wiper arms to not function, entire gauges had to be replaced due to sending unit problem. goes to prove that one should not buy a new model in it's first year.
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    dusterduster Member Posts: 37
    Just bought a 98 Montana short base. Handles better that the Toyota in turns. However, workmanship is lacking. Power seat trim broken
    already. Test drove all vans with four doors.
    If you need seating options, and want sporty
    SUV looks, Trans Sport is it. Power door is very handy. If you want best reliability buy the Oasis.
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    tmihotmiho Member Posts: 5
    I researched mini-vans and test drove several for
    about 2 years before deciding on the Trans Sport
    with the Montana package. As you've read before,
    "There is no ONE best mini-van for everyone." I
    selected the Pontiac because it had plenty of
    giddy-up-and-go (180 hp), decent mileage (I'm
    getting between 17-18 mpg in mostly city and
    congested freeway driving - So Cal), stereo
    controls on the steering wheel (VERY HANDY and
    COOL), an electronic opening passenger side rear
    door (VERY HANDY and COOL), and great looks (for a

    The Chrysler T&C was very nice too but the
    ergonomics weren't as good as the Pontiac. I
    picked the Pontiac over its Oldsmobile sibling
    primarily because of looks but also because the
    seats are more comfortable. The Honda was very
    nice but not near enough power and is a little two
    small. I didn't check the Toyota out because it
    too didn't have as much power and didn't have
    steering wheel controls.

    So far, with only 780 miles on it, I like it more
    every time I drive it and everybody at the office
    thinks its VERY COOL. My three year old son likes
    the electric door too.

    For the money (I paid just over invoice of 28,160)
    it is LOADED with features. Check them out.
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    tmihotmiho Member Posts: 5
    The more I drive the Trans Sport the more I like it. After a 1200 miles in three weeks I am very proud and happy to drive this excellent vehicle (for a mini-van that is). It’s got decent acceleration and is a pleasure to drive, although I wish Pontiac offered a GTP package (Supercharged 3.8L)!

    I’ve read two long terms on the 97 GM van’s (Old’s in Car & Driver, and Pontiac in one of the others) and both articles (with the exception of a few first model year glitches) liked the vehicles. It appears that, Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth and Pontiac/Olds/Chevy will swap top billing for awhile which is not saying that the Toyota is a bad vehicle and it, too, may have some first year problems.

    I leased a 4-door Montana with 1SD package, 8 passenger seating, rear HVAC, and top stereo with CD (includes stereo controls on the steering wheel which is a MUST…I also own an ’89 Bonneville SSE with steering wheel controls too). I will be ordering running boards as soon as they are available from an after-market manufacturer. Its really only missing leather (which I don’t want with my 3 year old kid) and the power passenger seat. The electric passenger rear door is great too, especially for the kid (it has child safety locks). The seats on the ‘98 Trans Sport were far more supportive and comfortable than the ’97 Olds; I didn’t check out the ’98 Old’s. I think the Pontiac looks much better too. I paid about a grand over invoice but cut them some slack on my trade in.

    I’ll probably post a 7000-1000 mile update.

    Happy hunting. I’m glad my 2 year hunt is over.

    BTW: Apply for credit with GM express credit (http://www.gm.com/vehicles/us/finance/express.html) before you go in. I received a coupon for $500.00 good towards the purchase of any extended length Trans Sport and was pre-approved. Also, you can get another $500.00 if you trade in a GM vehicle.
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    SAhladasSAhladas Member Posts: 35
    You don't have to even trade in your old GM to get the $500. As long as you purchased it new (in some wide timerange), and still own it you will get a minimum of $500. Call 1-800 information and ask for the number fro 'GM Loyalty'.
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