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C63 AMG + European Delivery Questions

globemasterglobemaster Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Mercedes-Benz

I've been having a hard time choosing between the RS4 and C63 AMG. M3 was out for me as I've got way too many friends with one. Also, I can't pull off a Corvette or afford a GT-R.

Now that the RS4 appears to be going into hibernation, it makes the choice easier. My big issue with the C63 was the inability to get the limited slip rear diff without the performance package suspension (which, by all accounts, is nightmarish on anything but perfectly smooth roads).

Happily, I read some posts last week that some people had gotten C63s with just the LSD and no perf pack. I checked with the local dealer and they said they couldn't figure out how. I then ran across a post that said MB attributed it to a mistake on a few cars and that they wouldn't be taking orders that way.

What do you folks think? If I tell them LSD only or no deal, will they find a way? My other thought is that I could order the replaced parts OEM and have my dealer replace the "upgraded " suspension parts with the normal ones. They've already said they'd do it, just don't know how much it'd cost. Does anyone know exactly what is replaced? I assume that it's not just something as simple as the shocks.

Also, I'm probably going to do European delivery as I'd save $5k+ off MSRP and delivery charges which, with my ff miles, should allow a 5 day vacation + saving $3-4k. I've read that I'll have to put $2k down to make the order, but can anyone tell me when I'd have to pay the balance? The reason is that I won't have the money until June, but I'd like to pick the car up in June - so I'm curious how long before I'd need to cough up the cash. The dealership in N Texas hasn't had much experience with European delivery so they haven't been much help so far.



  • I can't help much with C63 configuration issue, but I have just gone through the EDP back on 9/8/2008 for my C350W so I can fill in a few bits of info.

    1. $2K at time of order, confirmation of order from factory is usually same day.
    2. Confirmation will state delivery date (probably the date you requested; any M-F that is not a German holiday or plant shutdown/model changeover period.
    3. Full payment of balance due to MB (i.e. the car + the EDP travel package bought through MB Travel) is due NLT 30 days PRIOR TO DELIVERY DATE. You pay your dealer directly for cash deals, or sign the lease paperwork, or third-party paperwork for financing. You don't need to pay local sales tax or license and dealer office fees until you take final delivery at the dealership after the car is shipped home.
    4. EDP experience at MB is very polished, highly recommended. I did the Black Forest/Alps rally. Highly recommend Interalpen Tyrol hotel near Innsbruck (stay an extra day or two, it is fabulous).

    A downside of June delivery is that will be a 2009 model year; MY2010 first delivery should startup in early August and it may be better to hold out for the latest model year (nearly the same price and probably a few new features like direct injection engines).

    Good luck.
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