Jeep Liberty Security module

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My 2008 Jeep Liberty has been in the shop for 5 days now. When I got in my car 5 days ago it would not start. I called the dealer and they sent someone to look at it (it ended up having to be towed)! They called me and said that it was the security module or something like that and that the cold weather can cause static elecricity that can make it malfunction i asked about next winter and it i would be going through the same bs and was told that they were going to put in a better one that this would not happen again (A BETTER ONE? its a 2008). My dealer also does not offer loaner vehicles so i am supposed to pay the payment on a brand new car but cant drive it. Anyone else with a similar problem?


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    I had the same thing happen with my 2006 Liberty. The car had to be towed to my local dealership and spent a few days there while they waited for a new anti-theft module. So they put in the new part and it hasn't had a problem since. And it's the only problem I've had with the car in the year I've owned it.

    Today's cars just have so many electronic systems that these things can happen. Just except it.
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